Keep Smiling With Smile Keepers/Susanne’s Cards

Smile Keepers will keep your customers and employees smiling with creative logo gifts, greeting cards and logo wear clothing. Susanne can help you connect with your everyone you need to connect with in a soft marketing style. Always working with you to make sure that the product you pick “Sparks JOY” and has staying power.

Get In Touch With Select Communications

Select Communications offers multiple ways for you to stay connected with family, friends and business associates, making your life easier and more fun. A local company owned by Rob and Scott Alexander, Select offers consumers and businesses personalized wireless voice and data solutions.

Feel Financially Secure With Coldwell Banker Commercial Griffin

Spring returns to the city so the early birds are out hunting for food and companionship. First to arrive were the usual suspects of Dick Anderson and Robert Sanberg.The meeting was called to order by President Robert Sanberg with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence. Robert forgot his icebreaker joke for the day.Guests today (of which there were many) included: Kris O’Brien brought by Robbie Danko, Tracy Dann brought by Kelsey Wolter, Andy Gannon brought by Neil Roers, and Blaize Evans for his 3rd week in a row.Our honorary member in attendance was Mark Simon.

Be “Bowled” Over By Shreffler Law

A warm spring morning to be up and about. Dick Anderson was the early bird searching for company.President Robert Sanberg rang the bell to start the meeting with a moment of silence.Our honorary member in attendance was Martin Peyer.Please make sure to get your sheets into Chuck Shreffler before Sunday, so you can determine your powers of Oscar winning deduction!

Shine On With Continental Diamond

A brisk start to the morning as the early birds gathered.  Robert Sanberg was the first to arrive, followed by Tom Ashbaugh and Bob Alexander. The other usual suspect, Dick Anderson, was in Florida playing softball. The meeting was called to order by President Robert Sanberg with a ring of...