Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Feel Financially Secure With Coldwell Banker Commercial Griffin

Spring returns to the city so the early birds are out hunting for food and companionship. First to arrive were the usual suspects of Dick Anderson and Robert Sanberg.

The meeting was called to order by President Robert Sanberg with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence. Robert forgot his icebreaker joke for the day.

Guests today (of which there were many) included: Kris O’Brien brought by Robbie Danko, Tracy Dann brought by Kelsey Wolter, Andy Gannon brought by Neil Roers, and Blaize Evans for his 3rd week in a row.

Our honorary member in attendance was Mark Simon.


  1. There is a board meeting today.
  2. Start thinking about your team for the June Golf Outing.
  3. Julius Webster is recuperating from a battle with a circular saw.

This Week’s Craft Talk

Our mission at Coldwell Banker Commercial Griffin Companies is to create life-impacting relationships that enrich clients, colleagues and community by providing wise solutions to each client’s real estate challenges. Our people are committed to serving as active volunteers in the community and being involved in the industry’s associations. We are grateful for the many opportunities to work with you as a new client and anticipate a strong future relationship of commitment and service to you. Learn more about us by visiting our Business Brokerage and Special Asset Solutions sites.

To register for the Pot of Gold, contact Mike Palm via email at mpalm@cbcgriffin.com.

It was a small but lively business exchange today, with the following people being thanked: House Lift Remodeler, AAA Minneapolis, Staples Advantage and Coldwell Banker Commercial-Griffin.

Table Introductions were made at Table #1 by MidWestOne Bank, and at Table #4 by Low Voltage Contractors.

The Pot of Gold was drawn by Catherine Moore and won by John Winston of Winston Law Office.

Our Craft Talk speaker today, Mike Palm of Coldwell Banker Commercial-Griffin, was introduced by Catherine Moore of AAA Minneapolis.

Our next meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club. Our speaker next week will be Kelsey Wolter who will present the project Bullseye Media will be working on to update the Minneapolis Breakfast Club logo and website. Table introductions will be made at Table #5 by House Lift Remodeler and at Table #6 by Admin Solutions.