Cover Your Assets with LVC Companies

LVC (through J.N. Johnson owned by John Goodwyne) joined the Breakfast Club in 1974. LVC has grown from three employees in 1982 to 202 employees in 2017. LVC now has eight offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona. LVC offers Security Systems, Structured Cable, Fire Sprinklers, and Industrial Fire Protection.

Ride In Style with Carey Limousine

Carey Limousine operates as limousine service, limousine sales, funeral car service, escort services (for bridge beams), and a phone answering service for funeral homes. Founded by Larry (Todd’s father) in 1978, they have grown to be the largest in the Twin Cities and received the Carey Excellence in Service award for the 4th year in a row.They will be the official NFL limo service for the 2018 Super Bowl and handle 60% of all the rides during Super Bowl week. Todd is on the Super Bowl committee and they expect 73,000 visitors for the event. Check out the website for more information.

Have A Great Culinary Experience with Celebrations to Remember

Soile and Eleanor have written the book “Celebrations to Remember,” featuring exceptional parties and fabulous foods. Eleanor is a James Beard award-winning author and has had a 30-year career as a food writer in the Twin Cities, as well as being a cookbook publisher. Soile is a Finnish immigrant to MN that owned and operated an exclusive catering company.Today’s Craft Talk focused on Soile’s story as an immigrant chef in MN and her experiences as an owner/operator of a catering business and baker.

Solomon Strategies Group State Capitol Outing

Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, accelerate growth and build value. At Resultants For Business (RFB) we are RESULTANTS, not consultants. We’ll coach you throughout developmental stages and help you strategically plan for the future. Our team turns complex problems into simple solutions by helping entrepreneurs and their management teams implement time-tested, easy-to-use “tools.” These tools are executed immediately to make strategically smart decisions, and keep everyone aligned and accountable to those decisions.