Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Have A Great Culinary Experience with Celebrations to Remember

Today is the first meeting of Robbie Danko’s reign as President.  Anxious to get started, Dick Anderson and Past President Robert Sandberg arrived early.

Guests today were our speakers Soile Anderson and Eleanor Ostman brought by Karen Holtmeier and Jerry Olson from Resultants for BusinessJerry has submitted his application for membership.

We also had honorary members Martin Peyer, Mark Simon, and Russ Bremner at today’s meeting.

Jim Erickson let the cat out of the bag that Bill McReavy, Jr. has been named Commodore of the Minneapolis Aquatennial this year, 70 years after his grandfather held the same title.

Sean Merkel has raffle tickets for his family’s foundation fundraiser for sale.

Jim Christianson let everyone know that it’s business as usual at Staples Advantage even with the sale to Sycamore.

The 2018 Craft Talk schedule is at the member table.  Please sign up so we can get it published to the website.

Randy Korn needs workers.  Please send him any prospects you may have.

This Week’s Craft Talk

Soile and Eleanor have written the book “Celebrations to Remember,” featuring exceptional parties and fabulous foods.  Eleanor is a James Beard award-winning author and has had a 30-year career as a food writer in the Twin Cities, as well as being a cookbook publisher.  Soile is a Finnish immigrant to MN that owned and operated an exclusive catering company.

Today’s Craft Talk focused on Soile’s story as an immigrant chef in MN and her experiences as an owner/operator of a catering business and baker.

Soile and Eleanor are available to speak to other groups and can be contacted by e-mail:

soileanderson1@gmail.com or eaostman@aol.com.

 Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Karen Holtmeier via email to: kholtmeier@medicalweightcenter.com.

Staples Advantage started today’s business exchange, followed by AAA Minneapolis, Zip Printing, HBS Janitorial, Lindskoog Florist, Toshiba Business Solutions, Smile Keepers/Susanne’s Cards, Summit Fire, and Coldwell Banker Commercial-Griffin.  It was a great exchange as always.

Table introductions were made at Table #8 by John Winston with a review of the table members’ websites.

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by Jim Christianson of Staples Advantage and our winner was Mark Arnold of Continental Diamond!

Karen Holtmeier introduced our guest speakers, Soile Anderson and Eleanor Ostman.

Next week’s meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club, and our Craft Talk speaker will be Todd Anderson from Carey Limousine. Table Introductions will be made at Table #6 by Knollwood Liquor.