Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Have Your Home Stand Out With House Lift Remodeler

It’s a blustery morning, Breakfast Club! Dick Anderson was the first to arrive. I don’t think he could sleep after the late Twins game and came as early as he could.

President Robbie Danko called our meeting to order today, and began with a quote for the day from Mark Twain: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Today’s guests were Peter Eaton brought by Tom Ashbaugh who came for a second visit, Bob Schimmel, a marketing consultant who was brought by Kelsey Wolter, Harvey Sherman, an architect and builder brought by Jim Erickson, and Steven Patzner, who works in digital display advertising.

Our honorary members in attendance were Mark Simon and Martin Peyer.

We need more members to sign up on the 2018 Craft Talk.  Please contact Craig Blixrud to choose your spot, find out available dates, or if you have any questions at blixrudhomes@gmail.com.

Headshot photos for $100 each are being considered to have done at a future meeting with a professional photographer. Robbie Danko will be polling members for interest via email.

Next week, our Craft Talk speaker is Don Theits of Toshiba Business Solutions. Please consider bringing a guest who needs copier and data management technology solutions.  The following week, October 18th, Matt Crane of Boulay, PLLP will be speaking, and a good guest to bring would be someone who needs accounting or tax services or transition planning.

House Lift Remodeler is looking for a construction project manager.

On October 26th, Bullseye Media is planning a happy hour and everyone is invited.  Halloween costumes are optional. There will be more information to come later this month.

This Week’s Craft Talk

Did you know that over 70% of remodelers are one-man operations, and that 70% of remodelers do less than $200K in revenue? House Lift is one of the few companies that does over $1M in annual revenue and has a fulltime professional staff. Eighty percent of their projects are in Minneapolis, but they branch out to suburban areas for projects as well. New for the coming year is building new homes from the ground up with two in the works. From small jobs up to whole house remodels, we can partner with you to create the home you’ve been dreaming of.

We are your full-service remodeling and contractor services in Minneapolis. You might have dealt with or are dealing with contractors who try to push their ideas on you. It’s something we hear often. At House Lift we are on your side, listening to what you have been dreaming of and offering our advice on how to get there quicker.

Please Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Randy Korn to rkorn@houseliftinc.com or 612-821-9296.

Our business exchange was a whirlwind today, with the following members being thanked: Zip Printing, LVC Companies, and Ashbaugh Financial.

Table introductions were made at Table #5 by Zip Printing, who told us who sponsored their membership to the Breakfast Club, and who their most memorable customer was.

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by Tom Ashbaugh of Ashbaugh Financial, and our winner was Karen Holtmeier of Medical Weight Management Center!

Tom Ashbaugh introduced our Craft Talk speaker, Randy Korn of House Lift Remodeler.

Next week’s meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club.  Our Craft Talk speaker will be Toshiba Business Solutions.  Table Introductions will be made at Table #3 by Continental Diamond.