Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Keep The Fires At Bay With J.N. Johnson Fire & Safety

It’s the last meeting in October already; where does the time go?  The early birds today were Robert Sanberg and Dick Anderson. More members soon joined them to catch up on the latest discussions.

Vice President Kelsey Wolter called our meeting to order, and since she was without a joke for the day, Chuck Shreffler, Randy Korn, and Karen Holtmeier all stepped in to help.

Our guest today was Chad Lamp from Rapid Restoration, one of the panelists for our discussion on fire safety presented by J.N. Johnson Fire & Safety.

Our honorary member in attendance was Russ Bremner.

Todd Anderson has raffle tickets for sale for the Northeast Chamber of Commerce. Contact him by phone at 612-627-6065 or via email at tanderson@careympls.com.

On October 26th, Bullseye Media is planning a happy hour from 5-7 pm, everyone is invited, and Halloween costumes are optional.  Kelsey will be sending out a reminder to join them.

Marketplace Home Mortgage was named the 27th fastest growing business in Minnesota, according to Jon Peterson. Way to go!

This Week’s Craft Talk

Did you know that most fire related deaths occur in a home? How are your fire extinguishers, and where are they located in your home and office? Check them when you change your smoke detector batteries.

Did you know the fire codes vary by building type and occupancy?

Did you know that sprinkler heads are only set off one at a time and put a fire using one tenth the amount of water that comes out of a fire hose?

Did you know that there are different smoke detectors for kitchens that can be used in your home?

Did you know that fire restoration can save many items, but that your life will be turned upside down for quite a while?

Do you think that a fire can’t happen to you? Ask some of your fellow club members like Tony Rubin, Jon Peterson, and even Mike Palm about their experiences with unwanted fires.

If you were at the meeting, you will know all the answers, and if not, it’s important to make sure to read up on fire safety and prevention to keep you and your family protected.

Please register for the Pot of Gold with David Goodwyne at dgoodwyne@jnjohnson.com or at 952-292-2204.

Our business exchange was dominated by thanks to Windrider for the gloves that were purchased by several members, including Staples Advantage, Select Communications, and Shreffler Law.  Other members thanked were Staples Advantage and Berger Transfer & Storage.

Table introductions were made at Table #6 by Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels, who told us what the seasonal aspects of their businesses are.

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by Russ Bremner, and our winner was Tom Ashbaugh of Ashbaugh Financial!

Kelsey Wolters of Bullseye Media moderated our Craft Talk panel, comprised of David Goodwyne, Sean Merkel, Julius Webster, and Chad Lamp, our guest panelist from Rapid Restoration.

Next week’s meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club.  Our Craft Talk speaker will be a guest, Robert David Shadley, Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.).  Table Introductions will be made at Table #6 by Continental Diamond.