Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Have the Vacation of Your Dreams With AAA Minneapolis

Today’s frosty morning couldn’t keep our early bird away: Tom Donnelly scraped his windshield and came right down to the Woman’s Club.

With a ring of the bell, our President, Robbie Danko, called the meeting to order.  A moment of silence was had for the passing of Susanne Bonfe’s mother and Dan Westberg’s mother.

We had a week away from Robbie’s jokes, but she promises that they’ll be back next week.  Her thoughts reflected this time of year.  She reminded us that there are benefits to you by giving back and being generous.  You get the benefits of team work, reduced stress and anxiety, and the sense of purpose that community involvement gives.  And last but certainly not least, we learn new skills.  Robbie suggests taking time to volunteer in the next seven days.

Our guests in attendance today were Steve Schad of Optima Advisory, LLC., brought by Tony Rubin, Steven Patzner of Digital Billboard Advertising for his second visit, and Diane Weilder of AAA Minneapolis, brought by Renata Faeth and Catherine Moore.

Our honorary members today were Russ Bremner, Ron Britz, Mark Simon and Martin Peyer.

Please sign up with Craig Blixrud at blixrudhomes@gmail.com for your 2018 Craft Talk slot, and to indicate if it will be at the Woman’s Club, or offsite at a location of your choice.

This Week’s Craft Talk

AAA Minneapolis, a trusted name for over 100 years, offers a full-service travel agency providing personalized leisure travel services to everyone. AAA members enjoy special discounts and added values through our partnerships with major cruise lines, hotels, tour companies, and Hertz car rental. What sets AAA apart? We start with you. Our Travel Counselors listen first, so whether we explore opportunities by destination, experience or value, the focus is on your idea of the perfect dream vacation or getaway.

Please register for the Pot of Gold with Catherine Moore at Cmoore@AAAMinneapolis.com.

The US GDP is way up, and our club is contributing mightily.  Just look at our business exchange this morning with the following members being thanked: MidWestOne Bank, Ron Britz, Continental Diamond, Windrider, Smile Keepers/Susanne’s Cards, Summit Companies, Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels, and AAA Minneapolis.

Table introductions were made at Table #4 by Lindskoog Florist, who let us know about their Thanksgiving plans and traditions.

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by Tom Whaley of The St. Paul Saints, and our winner was Randy Korn of House Lift Remodeler!

A note on registration: please respond to the member who had the week’s Craft Talk.  You can visit them at their place of business, mail a letter, or simply send an email.  This is to respond to and add to the speaker’s discussion, showing your engagement with their talk.  Once registered, you can present your $1 to them the following week.  If you were gone, or for some reason didn’t register, then you can present $2 the morning of the meeting to be in the drawing for the Pot of Gold.

Tom Whaley of The St. Paul Saints introduced our Craft Talk speakers, Renata Faeth, Catherine Moore, and Diane Weilder of AAA Minneapolis.

Thank you to AAA Minneapolis for the additional prizes!

Next week’s meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club.  Our Craft Talk speaker will be Solomon Strategies Group.  Table Introductions will be made at Table #2 by ProTect Painters.