Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Feel Your Best with Medical Weight Management Center

Was it a year ago or only last month when we got together, Breakfast Club members?  Robert Sanberg was the first one onsite to ring in the New Year.

Our new President, Kelsey Wolter, called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence. Kelsey presented Past President Robbie Danko with a commemorative clock, thanking her for her time as President.

Our guests today were Scott Wiyninger of Success Computer Consulting, Mikayla Efford, a self-employed graphic designer, and Julia, an intern with Medical Weight Management Center.

Our honorary members in attendance were Mark Simon and Ron Britz.

Please sign up for your 2018 Craft Talk slot with Craig Blixrud at blixrudhomes@gmail.com. We still have openings for January 31st, February 7th, and February 21st. We’re looking forward to having you share your knowledge with the rest of the Club, any guest speakers you might want to bring, or any informational topics you would like to cover.

There is still time to update your listing in the Directory.  Please review the master directory and send any changes to Tom Ashbaugh at tlashbaugh@gmail.com. Ad requests for the directory should be sent to Dwain Coleman at dwain@zipcopyshop.com. 2018 pricing will be $120 for a full-page ad and $80 for a half page ad.

Tony Rubin of Wells Fargo Advisors was nominated for Vice President.  If there are any other nominations, please email them to President Kelsey Wolter at kelsey@bmediallc.com.

Chuck Shreffler announced that Tom Whaley of the St. Paul Saints was named Chairman of the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations!

Tom Ashbaugh announced that Tom McNally has recently retired from Mt. Olivet and will be stopping by to say hi.  In a related note, Tom McNally married Mardi Ringling last Saturday, January 6th.

House Lift Remodeler is looking for a Product Coordinator/Manager.

This Week’s Craft Talk

The Medical Weight Management Center is in its 21st year of providing The OPTIFAST program, a medical meal replacement food created by Nestle Health Science Corp.  It is an effective intervention to help patients lose weight quickly and safely.  For many patients, reducing excess body fat will improve pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high triglycerides, as well as orthopedic conditions.  Obesity is a chronic disease and does have long term consequences that might not be apparent initially.  Our patients are people who are genetically pre-disposed to obesity.  We offer weight loss support and education as well as maintenance support.  Breakfast Club members are invited to schedule a nutrition “tune up” consult with Karen Holtmeier by calling 952-835-2132 or by e-mail at kholtmeier@medicalweightcenter.com.

 Please Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Karen Holtmeier by email to kholtmeier@medicalweightcenter.com or by phone at 952-835-2132.

It was a wonderful first business exchange of the year today, with the following members giving their thanks: Knollwood Liquor Store, Select Communications, J.N. Johnson Fire & Safety, Zip Printing, Smile Keepers/Susanne’s Cards, Coldwell Banker Commercial-Griffin, Staples Advantage, and Bullseye Media.

Table introductions were made at Table #4 by Washburn McReavy Funeral Chapels, who shared their “brushes with fame.” We even had one member go through a buffet line with Hulk Hogan on one side and Arnold Schwarzenager on the other!

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by David Goodwyne, and our winner was Dwain Coleman of Zip Printing!

David Goodwynne introduced our Craft Talk speaker, Karen Holtmeier of Medical Weight Management Center.

Next week’s meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club. Our Craft Talk speaker will be a surprise guest speaker. Table Introductions will be made at Table #1 by Les Jones Roofing.