Minneapolis Breakfast Club

This Week In Business

Here we are at daylight savings and who showed up early but Dick Anderson, followed by Jon Peterson.

President Kelsey Wolter called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a long moment of silence. Dwain Coleman helped her out with a joke of the day.

Our guest today was Taylor Theits, brought by her dad, Don. Taylor is a current pharmacy student studying at NDSU.

Today’s Honorary Members in attendance were Mark Simon, Martin Peyer, and Dick Lindskoog.

This year’s Golf Outing is scheduled for Monday, June 18th at Forrest Hills Country Club. Start lining up your foursomes, we’ll have room for 36 of them.

Scott Wiyninger announced that Success Computer Consulting is hosting a conference on April 3rd.

The Woman’s Club has informed us that the doors will no longer be open before 6:30 AM. Those wishing to be Early Birds will have to line-up outside and rush the doors to be first.


This Week’s Craft Talk


With no dedicated Crat Talk speaker this week, Kelsey Wolter of Bullseye Media wrapped up her Craft Talk from last week by drawing for Caribou gift cards. The lucky winners included Martin Peyer, Dick Nelson, and Tony Rubin.

Members also enjoyed a Craft Talk teaser from Mike Palm of Coldwell Banker Commercial – Griffin which ended in a nice discussion on the topic “Should he remain a franchisee of Coldwell Banker?” Join us next week for the conclusion!

Please Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Kelsey Wolter by email to kelsey@bmediallc.com or by phone at 605-254-8685.


Today’s Business Exchange recognized thanks extended from: Knollwood Liquor, Continental Diamond, Zip Printing, and Boulay PLLP.

Table Introductions were made at Table #2 by Boulay PLLP and at Table #8 by Resultants for Business.

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by Julius Webster and won by Mark Arnold!

Next week’s meeting will be held onsite at The Woman’s Club. Our Craft Talk speaker will be Coldwell Banker Commercial – Griffin. Table Introductions will be made at Table #5 by Marketplace Home Mortgage.