Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Become a Seasoned Legislative Committee Member with Solomon Strategies Group

It was simulated Legislative Committee Hearing day at the State Capitol complex! First to arrive was Dick Anderson for breakfast in the MNDOT cafeteria.

President Kelsey Wolter called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Honorary members in attendance were Mark Simon and Martin Peyer.

Today’s guests included Andy Dawkins, Tom Devine, Paul Taylor, Brian McDaniel, and JD Burton.

This year’s Breakfast Club Golf Outing is June 18th at Forest Hills Country Club. Line up your foursome today for a chance to win big!

The boat cruise is planned for a day in August TBD, on Lake Minnetonka. We expect the ice to clear out by then!


This Week’s Craft Talk


Jim Erickson of Solomon Strategies Group hosted today’s simulated public hearing on the U of M request for capital spending followed by a tour of the State Capitol.

Andy Dawkins led the Democratic caucus and Brian McDaniel led the Republican caucus. JD Burton presented the $238M U of M request, and we also had expert witnesses on the Glensheen Mansion and Pillsbury Hall building requests.

After the presentations, the caucuses met and determined a strategy for voting as a committee. The committee then voted on a recommendation from the full committee.

To view what really happened at the committee recently, click here. In a nutshell, $40M was awarded for Asset Preservation, plus Glensheen Mansion and Pillsbury Hall for a total of $78M.

Thanks to Jim and his guests for arranging a very fun, informative day!

Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Jim Erickson via e-mail to jim@solomonssg.com or by phone at 612-325-3009.


Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn and won by Jim Erickson!

Today’s Craft Talk was hosted by Jim Erickson of Solomon Strategies Group for a simulated Legislative Committee Hearing at the State Capitol.

Next week’s meeting will be held OFFSITE at the Edina Country Club. Our Craft Talk speaker will be Windrider.