Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Sail Your Cares Away with Windrider

This week we met at the Edina Country Club. First to arrive were Dick Anderson and Jon Peterson.

President Kelsey Wolter called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Honorary members in attendance were Mark Simon, Martin Peyer, and Dick Lindskoog.

Next week’s meeting will be held OFFSITE at Staples Advantage. Who do you think will win the office chair this year?

This year’s Breakfast Club Golf Outing is June 18th at Forest Hills Country Club. Get your foursomes organized today!

The boat cruise is planned for a day in August TBD, on Lake Minnetonka. This year, we’re considering a breakfast cruise. Send your thoughts and opinions to Mike Palm for consideration.

Randy Korn is searching for a Lead Carpenter and Assistant Production Manager. Contact him with any leads or pass his information to someone you know who may be interested.

Dave Mitchell will lead a foraging experience for mushrooms on May 20th at 9 AM in Chanhassen. Contact him directly for more information.

Karen Holtmeier is moving her office in June. Best of luck!

Please continue to send feedback to Board members surrounding the recent offsite locations we’ve visited.


This Week’s Craft Talk

Robert was born and raised in Edina, and still lives there with his wife and son, Isaac. It seems he can’t get out of town.

Robert and his Dad bought Windrider Sailboats a number of years ago and supplemented that business with Nickel Boatworks in Flint, Michigan. Today, the combined companies produce eight different models of sail boats and import three, and the manufacturing is all done in Michigan.

In studying the market, sales of new sailboats are a relatively low volume market; however, the market for parts, accessories, and apparel is quite large. So, Robert has focused on growing that part of the business through online sales via Amazon and their own website.

Windrider now produces their own apparel, manufactured in the far east and stocked in the US at both Amazon and his own facility. He talked about the process in finding custom clothing manufacturers in southeast Asia. He also gave us a lot of insight into working with Amazon, and some of the risks you run when using them exclusively.

Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Robert Sanberg to robert@windrider.com or at 612-735-5540.


Today’s Business Exchange was a great one, which saw thanks extended by the following members: D.J. Kranz Company, Zip Printing, Knollwood Liquor Sore, Solomon Strategies Group, Carey Limousine, Lupient Automotive Group, Berger Transfer and Storage, Winston Law Office, Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels, House Lift Remodeler, and Continental Diamond.

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by Jim Erickson and won by Dick Nelson of DESQ Office Solutions!

Today’s Craft Talk speaker was Robert Sanberg of Windrider, introduced by Jim Erickson.

Next week’s meeting will be held OFFSITE at Staples Advantage. Our Craft Talk speaker will be Jim Christianson of Staples Advantage.