Minneapolis Breakfast Club

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Continuing our tour of the Twin Cities this week, we were at Staples Advantage for a fun event. Today’s Early Birds were the usual crowd of Robert Sanberg and Dick Anderson.

Vice President Tony Rubin called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence with a delayed joke later in the meeting.

Honorary members in attendance were Mark Simon, Russ Bremner, and Ron Britz.

Our guests in attendance included Randy Korn’s assistant and many members of the Staples Advantage team.

Next week’s meeting will be held OFFSITE at the Edina Country Club. There will be a Board meeting following breakfast.

It’s time to organize your foursomes! This year’s Breakfast Club Golf Outing is June 18th at Forest Hills Country Club.

The boat cruise is planned for a day in August TBD, on Lake Minnetonka. This year, we’re considering a breakfast cruise. Send your thoughts and opinions to Mike Palm for consideration.

Randy Korn is searching for a Lead Carpenter and Assistant Production Manager. Contact him with any leads or pass his information to someone you know who may be interested.

Dave Mitchell will lead a foraging experience for mushrooms on May 20th at 9 AM in Chanhassen. Contact him directly for more information.

Please continue sending your valuable feedback to Board members surrounding the recent offsite locations we’ve visited.


This Week’s Craft Talk


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If you are presently doing business with Staples, THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK-YOU! If you are not presently doing business with Staples, we would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your program and are committed to provide you the lowest total delivered cost program while maintaining the highest rate of customer satisfaction.

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I look forward to continually working with and for all the Breakfast Clubbers!

Register for next week’s Pot of Gold with Jim Christianson via e-mail to: Jim.Christianson@Staples.com


Today’s Business Exchange saw thanks extended by the following members: Ashbaugh Financial, Zip Printing, House Lift Remodeler, Protect Painters, Staples Advantage, and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Today’s Pot of Gold was drawn by Dick Nelson and won by Chris Leonard of Armor Mechanical!

Today’s Craft Talk speaker was Jim Christianson of Staples Advantage, introduced by Dick Nelson.

Next week’s meeting will be held OFFSITE at the Edina Country Club. Our guest Craft Talk speaker will be Kelly McDyre of Faith’s Lodge.