Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Mini Craft Talks

Jim Christenson was the first to arrive at the Edina Country Club hauling furniture in his van. Dick Anderson, Robert Sandberg, and Mark Arnold arrived shortly after.

President Tony Rubin called the meeting to order with a moment of silence, a ring of the bell, a joke, and a sock challenge. Scott Wiyninger was the winner of the sock challenge wearing socks with ears!

Guests: There were no guests today. Next week bring a friend.

Honorary Member in attendance was Mark Simon


  1. There will be a board meeting today after the regular meeting.
  2. LVC is having a summer customer appreciation event on Thursday, July 26 at their Edina location from 11 to 1. All members are invited.
  3. Tony reminded club members that they should fill out the grey cards to be eligible for the Pot of Gold drawing if they have registered with the craft speaker and paid a dollar or paid two dollars that morning. Non-members and guests should not fill out a card. They are not eligible for the Pot of Gold.
  4. We are at 80+ for the August 8 Boat cruise. Sign up with Mike Palm for the cruise.
  5. In a related note, We have canceled the regular meeting for Wednesday August 8 and the board has authorized that the club will pay the $75 cost for any club member attending the cruise.
  6. Tom Ashbaugh brought us up to date on the “Where’s Martin” bike trip across the US. Wednesday morning had him South Dakota heading east to Northfield, MN.
  7. Mark Arnold mentioned that Continental Diamonds was named Best Jeweler and Best Wedding Venue in the Twin Cities.
  8. Jim Erickson reminded members that Commodore Bill McGreavy Jr is presiding over the Aquatennial this week. There is still time to donate to the AquatennialAmbassadors.com

Donate in Bill’s name to give him credit for raising the funds.

Business Networking: Staples is looking for an Office furniture account representative. Call Jim Christianson with a lead. Select Communications is looking for a Retail Salesperson for their Edina location. Contact Todd Alexander.

Business Exchange: Jim Christenson started us off, followed by dave Mitchell, Mark Simon, Dwain Coleman, Peter Eaton, Susanne Bonfe, Julius Webster, Jim Erickson, Chris Leonard, Scott Wiyninger, and Tom Whaley. Great exchange today!

Table Introductions: Table #2 was introduced by Tom Whaley with of theme of memorable road trips.

Pot of Gold: Dick Nelson drew for a bottle of wine and Keith Kovacevick was the winner. The Pot of Gold was won by Chuck Shreffler.

Craft Talk: Tony Rubin introduced today’s half dozen Mini Craft Speakers.

AAA- Renata Faeth

Renata now has Group Travel Sales as part of her responsibilities. Contact her for info on great trips such as Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, National Girls getaway to Nashville, or the popular Thanksgiving Theater tour in NYC.

Renata 952-250-8053 rfaeth@aaaminneapolis.com

Boulay- Matt Crane

Matt brought us up to date on some of the significant tax changes for businesses both C corps and S corps. He also touched on some personal tax changes.

Matt 952-393-2019 mcrane@boulaygroup.com

LVC- Robbie Danko and David Goodwyne

They gave an overview on Fire Alarm systems and how the need for reliability often trumps the incorporation of new technologies such as wireless and networking technology into the systems.

Robbie 952-693-6532 rdanko@lvcinc.com

Midwest One Bank- Neil Roers

Inspite of having Caribou Coffee every day and cookies on Friday, Neil’s customers do much of their banking on line using Cash Management systems such as PayPal, Zelle, same day ACH, and Venmo. He also touched on fraud tools to protect your business and crypto currency.

Neil Roers 612-792-1910 nroers@midwestone.com

Staples- Jim Christianson

Jim covered 3 topics. One, use the Staples advantage link to signup your credit card and take advantage of the Breakfast Club discounts online and at the stores. Two, Paper prices are going up, buy a ream today and have it delivered. Three, Staples has a special deal on a HON workplace chair for $295. Jim brought the chair with for members to try it out.

Jim 612-850-8898 jim.christianson@staples.com

Medical Weight Management- Karen Holtmeier

Karen brought us up to date on her business. Over the last few years she has gone from a 2000 sqft office to a 700 sqft office to a new location in Grandview Square with a 74 sqft office with shared meeting spaces. At the same time her technology has upgraded to the point she can provide OPTIFAST all over the world.

Karen 612-597-1309 kholtmeier@medicalweightcenter.com

Registration- Please register with one (or all) of the presenters.

Looking ahead:

July 25th we will also be at the Edina Country Club with Lupient Auto as the craft speaker.

August 8th is the Boat Cruise.