Minneapolis Breakfast Club

New ‘LEASE on Life’ with Lupient

Bob Alexander was the first early bird today, followed by Dick Lindskoog and Dick Anderson.

President Tony Rubin called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a joke about a Yugo and a Rolls Royce. Pretty appropriate for today’s speaker.

Guests: Kelsey Wolter brought Jocelyn Kortan of the Christensen Group, a property casualty insurer.

Honorary Members in attendance were Mark Simon, Russ Bremner, and Dick Lindskoog.


  1. LVC is having a summer customer appreciation event on Thursday, July 26 at their Edina location from 11 to 1. All members are invited.
  2. The Lake Minnetonka boat cruise leaves from Wayzata Bay at 5:30 PM on August 8th and the board has authorized that the club will pay the $75 cost for any club member attending the cruise. Mike Palm is still taking reservations.
  3. Chuck Shreffler announced that are own Tom Whaley has been named to the Irish American Hall of Fame. I wonder what their criteria is……
  4. Mugs shots for the club website are being taken by John Winston after today’s meeting.

Business Networking: Select Communications is looking for a Retail Salesperson for their Edina location. Contact Todd Alexander. Tony Rubin is available to meet one on one or with your employees to answer questions about Social Security benefits. Mike Palm has new business listings to consider. Kelsey Wolter has worked with the Saints to have a “Snowga” fund raiser at CHS Field this winter.

Business Exchange: Russ Bremner started us off and was quickly followed by Karen Holtmeier, Jon Peterson, Dave Mitchell, Mike Palm, Dick Lindskoog, Rich Junghans, and Mark Simon.

Business Meeting: President Tony Rubin called the meeting to order and asked for nominations for Vice President. Dave Goodwyne was nominated, seconded, and elected by a voice vote. The business meeting was adjourned. Welcome to the board Dave.

Table Introductions: Table #3 was introduced by Chuck Shreffler with a theme of memorable road or boat trips.

Sock Challenge: Bob Alexander was the winner of a pair of socks today.

Pot of Gold: Chuck Shreffler drew for the pot and the winner with the 4th card was Julius Webster. The fifth card winner had left early and missed out on the big pot.

Craft Talk: Chuck Shreffler (yet again with something to say today) introduced Rich Junghans of Lupient Automotive Group.

Rich has a Theology degree from St. Thomas which is unusual in the spiritual business of selling or leasing cars.

Rich has been married for 27 years and 14 years ago they adopted 4 children who are now range in age from 14 to 20. Good luck with that.

Rich joined Lupient after leaving Tousley Ford and is focused on leasing cars and trucks.

Lupient has been leasing cars and trucks since 1969 and has a plan that can fit any needs. Leases from 10,000 to 100,000 miles a year and from 1 to 5 years in length. Rich can lease you any make/model available. If you find a vehicle at another dealer, Rich can put together a lease for you on that specific vehicle.

Why lease as opposed to buy? 80% of buyers finance their purchase and get 6-7 year car loans and only keep the car for 3 ½ years. That often creates a negative equity situation when you trade. Leasing keeps you out of a negative equity situation.

Rich views what he does as a concierge service of listening closely and finding you the right vehicle at the right price. Lupient is an independent leasing store and therefore can lease any make or model vehicle.

Rich also touched on topics such as Gap Insurance, Extended warranties, and fleet maintenance.

Registration- Please register with Rich at 763-513-4674 or rich.junghans@lupient.com

Looking ahead:

August 1st we will be at the Edian Country Club and sharing the meeting with the Networks, MN group from next door.

August 8th is the Boat Cruise in Wayzata at 5:30 PM.