Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Before it’s too late…

Early Birds today were Tom Donnelly, followed by Dick Anderson and Mark Arnold.

President Tony Rubin called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a visual joke or two in honor of the undertaker’s craft talk today.

Guests: There were no guests today.

Honorary Members in attendance were Mark Simon, Russ Bremner, and Tom Donnelly.


  1. Mike Palm is taking signups for the 2019 Boat Cruise on Lake Minnetonka. Date is TBD.
  2. Resultants for Business is hosting a Lunch and Learn event next week in Woodbury. Contact Jerry Olson at 651-301-1251 for more information.
  3. There will be a board meeting next week after the regular meeting.
  4. Missing a keycard for building entry and were on the cruise last week? Contact Mike Palm.


Business Networking: Karen Holtmeier needs part time bookkeeping help.

Business Exchange: Robert Sandberg started us off followed by Dick Anderson, Jim Erickson, Dave Mitchell, David Goodwyne, John Winston, Paul Ralles, Mike Palm, and Sean Merkel.

Table Introductions: There were no table introductions today.

Sock Challenge: Jim Erickson was the winner today in a hotly contested show of ankles.

Pot of Gold: Bill McReavy, Jr drew Chuck Shreffler’s card as the big winner today.

Craft Talk: Bill McReavy, Jr had the craft talk and went through a slide show about being prepared for a death. There are over 70 decisions to make regarding funeral arrangements and often this occurs in a very short time between the death and a funeral. Pre-planning for a funeral helps you get the funeral you want and the family can focus on grieving and celebrating your life.

Pam Tsatos of Washburn-McReavy talked about the Pre-planned funeral program that they offer. Making those decisions now and paying for them today gives you control of both your funeral and the associated costs of the funeral. The costs are inflation protected through and insurance trust and would even be transferable if you moved to Alaska in retirement and died there.

More information is available through “Lunch and Learn” seminars as well as evening “Wine and Cheese” events available on the McReavy-Washburn website.

Bill and Pam took a number of questions from the club regarding costs on cremation, traditional funerals, burials, etc.

 Register with Bill McReavy Jr at BillMcReavy@washburn-mcreavy.com or 612-865-5523

Looking ahead:

August 22th we will be back at the Edina Country Club with Armor Mechanical giving the craft talk.

August 29th there will be no meeting as it is the fifth Wednesday. Enjoy the State Fair instead.

September 5th will be at the Edina Country Club with Les Jones Roofing giving the craft talk.