Minneapolis Breakfast Club

What’s up with roofing?

Early Bird today was Bob Alexander, followed by Mark Arnold, and Dick Anderson.

President Tony Rubin called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a new joke.

Guests: Brandon Hillman of CHUBB Insurance was checking us out, Dan Schultz, Tom Ashbaugh’s son in law, who does Public Relations and Social Media work, and Gregg Saunders, a business consultant brought by Tony Rubin were in attendance.

Honorary Members in attendance were Martin Peyer, Mark Simon, and Dick Lindskoog.


  1. Mark Arnold announced that Continental Diamonds is sponsoring a trunk show this week 10-6 on Thursday and Friday. Also, the Edina Morningside Rotary Club is sponsoring an Octoberfest event on October 28.
  2. Tony Rubin announced the monthly dues decrease to $80 effective with the September billing.
  3. Tony also mentioned that Kelsey Wolter is looking into social events for the club between now and the end of the year to attract new members and promote fellowship within the club.


Business Networking: None this week. Bring you needs for personnel and/or assistance with a topic next week.

Business Exchange: Mike Palm started us off, followed by Rich Junghans, Renata Faeth, Don Thiets, Jim Erickson, Dave Mitchell, Bill McGreavy Jr, Chris Leonard, Dick Anderson, and Tony Rubin.

Table Introductions: Table 2 was introduced by Chris Leonard with a theme of “What did you do in the last two weeks”. Mark Simon was in Italy, no one could top that.

Sock Challenge: Jerry Olsen won with a pair of Bacon and Egg socks.

Pot of Gold: Martin Peyer drew 5 cards and the big winner was Craig Blixrud.

Craft Talk:

Martin Peyer introduced our craft speaker, Keith Kovacevick, of Les Jones Roofing.

Keith is a former Boy Scout, husband, and grandfather to 4.

Les Jones Roofing has been installing, repairing, and replacing residential and commercial roofing for over 37 years. During the last year, Les bought Roofs-R-Us to expand their presence in residential roofing. Since Les Jones does asphalt shingles, slate, and cedar roofs, some consumers may have thought they were high cost roofers when actually their average job ticket price is $34K. Buying Roofs-r-Us positions them differently in the market.

Their business mix is 25% commercial and 75% residential. Since the commercial business is often architectural steel, copper, flat roofs, etc, they do that work with in house staff. The vast majority of residential roofs are installed by subcontractors they oversee.

They also have been known to install gutters and siding, as well as the occasional window.

Keith gave us an update on insurance claims, consumers, and contractors and their interactions. He also gave us a little tutorial on class 4 roofs (hail resistant) and how you could reduce your insurance costs with the installation of one of these roofs.

Keith ended his talk with a game of NFL Jeopardy.

Register to Keith K at 612-363-2385 or keithk@lesjonesroofing.com

Looking ahead:

September 12th will be Houselift at the Edina Country Club, covering what’s new in the Home Remodeling business.

September 19th will be Midwest One at the Edina Country Club. I hear they are bringing the greenest money in town.