Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Consider a facelift for your home with House Lift!

Early Bird today was Mark Arnold, who was joined by Robert Sandberg, Dick Lindskoog, and Dick Anderson.

President Tony Rubin called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a new joke. How do you get rid of a contractor?…. Hire them!

Guests: Karen Holtmeier brought a colleague, Marge Connor of Nestle.

Honorary Members in attendance were Russ Bremner, Mark Simon, and Dick Lindskoog.


  1. There will be a board meeting on September 26th.
  2. Next week, David Goodwyne is filling in for the President who plans on sleeping in.

Business Networking: None this week. Bring you needs for personnel and/or assistance with a topic next week.

Business Exchange: Paul Ralles started off, followed by Dwain Coleman, Susanne Rosen-Bonfe, Mike Palm, and Keith Kovacevick.

Table Introductions: Table 1 was introduced by Karen Holtmeier with a theme of “What changes for you in the fall?”

Sock Challenge: Mark Arnold won today with a colorful pair.

Pot of Gold: Craig Blixrud picked Dave Mitchell with the 5th card to win the pot of gold.

Craft Talk:

Craig Blixrud introduced Randy Korn of House Lift as today’s craft speaker.

Randy had Harvey Sherman, Architect on staff at House Lift with him. Harvey has a wealth of experience is designing remodeling projects in St. Paul.

What’s new at House Lift this year?

Coming up they have a home at 4948 Logan Ave S in the Remodeling showcase. They had taken a single story home and added a 2nd story master suite and entirely rebuilt the kitchen.

They also built their first new construction home on Mississippi Blvd in St. Paul.

Big challenges they are facing is the cost and time for obtaining building permits, timely inspections by cities, finding and keeping quality subcontractors, and carpenters with the skills to do exceptional work.

Randy shared a lot of before and after pics of various remodeling projects they have done recently.

PPG’s color for 2019 is Night Watch. It is a darker green color.

Register to Randy at 612-290-7921 or rkorn@houseliftinc.com

Looking ahead:

September 19th will be Midwest One at the Edina Country Club. I hear they are bringing the greenest money in town.

September 26th will be LVC at the Edina CC.