Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Fire, Fire, Fire! or not….

Early Birds today were Mark Arnold and Tom Donnelly.

President Tony Rubin was back from his week off and managed to get a Knock-knock joke about fires to start us off.

Guests: There were no guests today.

Honorary Members in attendance were Russ Bremner, Tom Donnelly, Mark Simon, John Moorhead, and Dick Lindskoog.


There will be a board meeting today.
Chuck Shreffler will be exhibiting some of his wood turning at the St. Paul Art Crawl coming up October 12-14. Contact him for more info.
Dick Nelson announced that honorary member, Don Schroden, will be having a heart valve replaced next week.
Susanne Bonfe brought up the power of networking in our club. We had a guest a few months ago looking for a job transition and they were just hired at Bonfe.
Jim Christianson announced that Staples is having a “Safe and Healthy Workplace” event on October 3rd at their Arden Hills location from 10 AM to 2 PM. You can head there for lunch after our regular meeting.
Business Networking: Need employees, referrals for business services, etc Bring them up at the club.

Business Exchange: Catherine Moore started us off today, followed by Dave Goodwyne, Dwain Coleman, Russ Bremner, and Tony Rubin.

Business Updates: Randy Korn has a home (R46) in the Remodelers Showcase this weekend from noon to 6 PM. Stop by and see what Houselift can do for you. Mark Arnold has tickets for sale for a Rotary Oktoberfest at the Edina CC in a couple of weeks.

Table Introductions: Moving right along, Dave Mitchell introduced Table 5 with a theme of unruly customers you have experienced.

Sock Challenge: Susanne Bonfe was the winner of the sock challenge today.

Pot of Gold: Chuck Shreffler drew Mike Palm as the big winner.

Craft Talk:

Chuck Shreffler introduced Robbie Danko and David Goodwyne. Of note, David thinks he has to work 10 more years so he can set an example of working hard for his children in their teenage years.

Since Robbie and David have given multiple craft talks over the years and they like to delegate anyway, they brought Korey and Brian down from the Iron Range for today’s talk.

We got a great overview of the mining history on the Mesabi range and what is happening on the range today. They provided a map of the range and identified the key companies. They both were at a public hearing with Gov Dayton, et al on Monday night regarding mineral rights on the former ESSAR site. They also brought us up to date on the PolyMet plans as well. A really interesting presentation.

Of yeah, LVC also does provide fire protection systems to mining equipment on the range. With the super-sized trucks and backhoes in the open pits, fires are a real threat and LVC provides systems to protect workers lives and equipment.

LVC Companies provides fire protection systems, building systems integration, consulting services in systems and design engineering, and they service what they sell.

Register to Robbie Danko at 952-693-6532 or email at RDanko@LVCinc.com

Looking ahead:

October 3rd will be Success Computer Consulting at the Edina CC.

October 10th will be Toshiba Business Systems at the Edina CC.