Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Computer Security and you!

The early bird this morning was Dick Anderson.

President Tony Rubin started us off with moment of silence, ring of the bell, and a computer virus joke.

Guests: Kathryn Frankson of UBM was a guest of Kelsey Wolter today. Also in attendance was Dave Miller representing LVC.

Honorary Members in attendance were Mark Simon and Dick Lindskoog.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. Let Craig Blixrud know your date.
  2. Chuck Shreffler will be exhibiting some of his wood turning at the St. Paul Art Crawl coming up October 12-14. Contact him for more info.
  3. Dick Nelson announced that honorary member, Don Schroden, had a heart valve replaced and he is doing great.
  4. Rich Junghans father passed away.
  5. Jim Christianson announced that Staples is having a “Safe and Healthy Workplace” event on October 3rd at their Arden Hills location from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Business Networking: Need employees, referrals for business services, etc, Bring them up at the club.

Eddie Fauth Resume

Business Exchange: Jim Christianson started off, followed by Dave Mitchell, Rich Junghans, Dick Lindskoog, Paul Ralles, Neil Roers, Dwain Coleman, and Mike Palm.

Business Updates: Todd Anderson has a resume of a young man looking to make a new start. Jim Erickson has 5 students from Carleton College interning between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are interested in hosting the students at your business, let Jim know.

Table Introductions: There were no table intros today.

Sock Challenge: Scott Wiyninger was the winner of the sock challenge today.

Pot of Gold: Mike Palm drew Jim Erickson’s card today.

Craft Talk:

Mike Palm introduced out Craft Speaker, Scott W of Success Computer Consulting. (Please don’t let Mike tell any more dog stories as they are a downer…) Scott is married with 4 kids and in his spare time pursues his love of music and performing.

SUCCESS Computer Consulting offers Advantage Point Managed Services, Advantage Point Cloud Services, Project Services, Advanced Security Solutions, CIO Services, HIPAA Consulting, and Microsoft® Office 365 Migrations.

Reliable networks. Predictable cost. And the ability to focus on what really brings value to your business.

Scott focused his talk on IT Security and had a wealth of information and anecdotes to share on the topic. For example, don’t use public WIFI, do change your passwords regularly, have passwords that contain all of the following, upper and lower case letters, numbers, at least 14 characters, and special symbols. Consider adding a challenge question to your log in credentials.

Do not use the password storage feature on Google Chrome, use a product like LastPass as a password vault.

Cyber crime is expected to grow to a $2 Trillion business in 2019, don’t be a victim.

Success Computer Consulting is hosting an event on October 11, contact Scott for more info when you register for the Pot of Gold.

Scott would be happy to present today’s presentation at your office free of charge to provide awareness about IT security concerns for your company and individuals.

Register to Scott Wiyninger at 763-300-1735 or scottw@sccnet.com

Looking ahead:

October 10th will be a guest speaker, Gina DeMarco, speaking on the topic of what is new with Medicare at the Edina CC.

October 17th will be AAA at the Edina CC.

October 24th will be Berger Transfer at the Edina CC.