Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Travel with AAA for Adventure and Wellness!

The early bird this morning was Dick Anderson followed by Robert Sandberg and Mark Arnold.

President Tony Rubin started us off with moment of silence, ring of the bell, and a cartoon about travel.

Guests: Nate Nomeland was brought by Jerry Olson. Nate is in transistionand looking for a new opportunity.

Honorary Members in attendance were Russ (Birthday boy) Bremner and Tom Donnelly.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. Let Craig Blixrud know your date preference.
  2. Board meeting this morning.
  3. Dave Goodwyne, Club VP, is looking for candidates to serve on the board and/or our next club president after him.

Business Networking: Need employees, referrals for business services, etc, Bring them up at the club.

Business Exchange: Rich Junghans led off, followed by Jon Peterson, Jim Christianson, Dick Nelson, Karen Holtmeier, Kelsey Wolter, Dave Mitchell, and Mike Palm.

Business Updates: Dave Mitchell brought up that Berger is undergoing a facility facelift. Mike Palm has a historic marina on Lake Minnetonka listed. Jerry Olson has an event planned for November 16. Contact Jerry for more info.

Table Introductions: Tale #4 was introduced by Todd Anderson with a theme of favorite cities in Minnesota and someplace out of state.

Sock Challenge: Dick Nelson was today’s winner (personally I think Tony felt sorry for Dick being in a sling).

Pot of Gold: Robert Sandberg drew Tom Ashbaugh’s card as the big winner.

Craft Talk:

Robert Sandberg introduced the Madams of Maps, the Titans of Travel, the dynamic duo of Renata Faeth and Catherine Moore.

Renata has 24 years with AAA, 2 grandkids, and is a U of Minnesota grad.

Catherine has 11 years with AAA, has never been north of Forest Lake, MN, and is a U of Iowa grad.

The theme for today was Adventure and Wellness travel focusing on smaller groups where biking, hiking, and walking are a big part of the attraction. Hurtigruten was one that Catherine highlighted as cruising the Norwegian fjords and enjoying the small cities as you cruise up the coast. These small trips can feature unique destinations such as Sri Lanka.

Renata brought up personalized group tours of as few as 6 people that can be cost effective. She also mentioned the AAA President’s Tour for next November to Australia. The Rocky Mountain Rail was also mentioned as a great trip.

AAA hosts many one-hour evening events to introduce destinations and travel packages with vendors in attendance, and Renata will be sending out a schedule to us. These events often have door prizes and/or travel discounts.

Register to Catherine Moore @ 612-718-4271 or cmoore@aaaminneapolis.com

Looking ahead:

October 24th will be Berger Transfer at the Edina CC. Table intros are Table #5 by Mark Ahmann.

October 31st there will not be a meeting.

November 7 is Toshiba Business Systems at the Edina CC