Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Moving right along with Berger-Allied!

John Winston was there to greet Dick Anderson and Robert Sandberg this morning before daylight came.

President Tony Rubin started us off with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and then John Winston told us a lllloonnggg story about ?????.

Guests: There were no guests today.

Honorary Members: Russ Bremner was here today.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. Let Craig Blixrud know your date preference.
  2. There is no meeting next week.
  3. The club is looking for new members in the areas of personnel insurance, business insurance, and employee benefit programs.
  4. Dave Goodwyne, Club VP, is looking for candidates to serve on the board and/or our next club president after him.

Business Networking: Need employees, referrals for business services, etc, Bring them up at the club.

Business Exchange: Dwain Coleman led off and was followed by Jim Christianson, Bill Junco, Dave Goodwyne, Jim Erickson, and Tony Rubin.

Business Updates: Robert Sandberg announced that Windrider will be on Fox Sports North on the “Made for the Outdoors” show this week. Bill Junco announced that Lindskoog Florists will be having an open house on Nov 8. Jim Christianson brought in a new stool that Staples is selling. Retail price is $400+, Club members can get it in the $300’s. It will fit 95% of the population will all the adjustments it can make. Tony Rubin announced that it is National Retirement Security Week. Get a portfolio checkup today.

Table Introductions: Tale #5 was introduced by Dave Mitchell following along with last week’s theme of favorite place in Minnesota and favorite place someplace outside of Minnesota.

Sock Challenge: Chuck Shreffler was the winner today. Dave Mitchell might have won, but he was too cheap to buy a new pair of socks.

Pot of Gold: Tom Ashbaugh drew 5 cards and Mark Arnold was the big winner.

Craft Talk:

Tom Ashbaugh introduced our DAM Fungi speaker (that stands for David Arnold Mitchell, mushroom hunter)

Besides fishing, hunting, mushroom hunting, and golf, Dave has spent 40 years at Berger-Allied in a variety of roles. For much of his career he has been the guy to sell the extraordinary services of Berger-Allied to individuals and businesses that are planning a move across town or internationally.

Dave walked us through how he develops the pricing for a move by estimating how many items are being moved, how big, and how heavy they are, and how far they are being moved.

Dave has been involved in projects as large as moving West Publishing (now Thompson-Reuters) in moving from St. Paul to Eagan and as small as moving a piano across town.

Berger-Allied also provides delivery services for corporate clients such as Room and Board, HOM furniture, Gabberts, and Schneidermann’s.

On a personal note, Dave announced that he will be undergoing cancer treatments over the next couple of months and his attendance will be spotty. We wish Dave all the best on his journey.

Register to Dave Mitchell at davem@bergerallied.com or 612-327-7103

Looking ahead

October 31st there will not be a meeting.

November 7 is Toshiba Business Systems at the Edina CC

November 14 is Go Intelligence Cap (Guest Speaker) at the Edina CC