Minneapolis Breakfast Club

How to stay out of HR trouble in your business!

Earl birds today were the usual suspects. Nice to see Dave Mitchell this week.

President Tony Rubin started us off with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a story about a job applicant.

Guests: Adam Oknich, an industrial engineer, was brought by Jerry Olson. Sarah Kowal, public speaker and Biz Hacker, and Elvis Rivera of Merrill Lynch were also in attendance.

Honorary Members: Russ Bremner, Ron Britz, Tom Donnelly, and Mark Simon were here today.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. Let Craig Blixrud know your date preference.
  2. There is a board meeting next week.
  3. Directory updates will begin next week and also plan on having an ad in the directory.
  4. Peter Eaton of B2B had a abalation procedure and is doing fine.
  5. The club is looking for new members in the areas of personnel insurance, business insurance, and employee benefit programs.
  6. Dave Goodwyne, Club VP, is looking for candidates to serve on the board and/or our next club president after him.
  7. A shout out to Tony Rubin and Bob Alexander who are working hard to drive enthusiasm to the club with notes to table mates and emails to club members.
  8. Lastly, Dick Nelson mentioned that Don Nelson of Boyer Ford, a past member, had died. I thought Dick Anderson was the only one reading the obituaries.

Business Networking: Need employees, referrals for business services, etc, Bring them up at the club.

Business Exchange: Jim Christianson started us off and was followed by Bob Alexander, Tom Ashbaugh, Paul Ralles, Dave Mitchell, and Tony Rubin.

Business Updates: None Today

Table Introductions: Tale #4 was introduced by Dave Mitchell with a theme of what are your Thanksgiving plans.

Sock Challenge: Karen Holtmeier won in spite of all the lobbying by Dave Mitchell for his hunting/fishing grey socks.

Pot of Gold: Dick Nelson drew 5 cards and Julius Webster won the pot of gold.

Craft Talk:

Tony Rubin introduced out guest speaker for the day, Jessica Docken of GO intellectual Capital.

Jessica spoke on the top 5 human resource pitfalls and how to avoid them in small businesses.

The top 5 are:

  1. Employee lawsuits (avg of $500k per suit)
  2. EEOC violations (avg of $40k settlement)
  3. Wage and hours issues (avg of $1,964 in settlement)
  4. I-9 citizenship violations ($216- $2,156 per violation)
  5. Failure to post Labor signs (fines of $110 each)

The top 5 remedies to handle your HR issues are

  1. Fake it (ignorance is no defense however)
  2. Make Bob do it (untrained staff don’t know the laws/regulations)
  3. Under hire (on the job training could leave you at risk)
  4. Over hire (not enough interesting work to keep an experienced professional engaged)
  5. Hire a company that provides on-demand HR services!


Register to Tony Rubin at tony.rubin@wellsfargoadvisors.com or 612-340-4589.

Looking ahead

November 21 is Lindskoog Florists. Bring you checkbook for purchasing table centerpieces.

November 28 will be Boulay.