Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Losing weight is necessary for your long-term health!

Starting the new year off at our first meeting were the early birds of Robert Sandberg, Mark Arnold, and Dick Anderson.

President David Goodwyne called his first meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence. Somebody send him an icebreaker thought or joke to start the next meeting.

Guests: Prospective member Shauna McDonald of Playworks visited again. Jerry Olson brought Nathan Keach of Keach Media, a consulting firm for media. Karen Holtmeier brought Karen Ryan to speak at her craft talk today

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Martin Peyer, Dick Nelson, and Russ Bremner were in attendance.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. We have early February dates that need speakers.
  2. David Goodwyne read a Thank you received from the Edina CC staff for our Holiday tip.
  3. Jon Peterson announced the Marketplace Home Mortgage was sold to New American Funding.
  4. Dave Mitchell said to say hi from Don Schroden down in Phoenix.
  5. Craig Blixrud said to say hi from Bill Fredrick who was spotted at a Boy Scout breakfast event.
  6. Dwain Coleman said to say hi from Rich Miller.
  7. Last call for Roster updates and Ads. Contact Dwain Coleman with any changes.
  8. Mark Arnold has a friend starting a non-profit and is in need of website help on a pro-bono or very low cost basis.

Business Networking: Personnel, Services, and referrals outside of the club needed?

Business Exchange: Starting off the new year of sharing business was Paula Mertens, followed by Mark Arnold, Dwain Coleman, Jim Christianson, Todd Anderson, Dick Anderson, Craig Blixrud, Chris Leonard, Jim Erickson, Tom Ashbaugh, David Goodwyne, and Randy Korn.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: There were no table introductions today.

Pot of Gold: Randy Korn drew today and Peter Eaton was the big winner.

Craft Talk:

David Goodwyne introduced our craft speaker, Karen Holtmeier of Medical Weight Management Center. Karen is a Minneapolis kid, mother of two sons, one in New York and one here in the Twin Cities. She also has 2 grandsons and one granddaughter. She has run multiple marathons to keep in shape over the years.

Obesity is a complex, chronic disease which has consequences of hundreds of physical, metabolic, and psychological diseases.  It is also related to cancer.  The Medical Weight Management Center’s treatment program includes complete nutritional assessment and education to help the patient know what they need to do and why they need to do it to lose and maintain their weight loss. We offer a product called OPTIFAST, which is a medical meal replacement that can be used exclusively to replace all food or partially to include a dinner meal.  To get full details contact www.medicalweightcenter.com or call Karen at 952-835-2132.


Our guest speaker today, Karen Ryan, is a co-founder of GG’s Playhouse Twin Cities, a community center in St. Louis Park for people with Down Syndrome.  As a tall, energetic, successful professional who has run 26 marathons, she is an unlikely person to be overweight.  However, she is genetically predisposed to obesity.  She lost 20 pounds the first month in the program before Thanksgiving.  Over that time, and including the holidays, she traveled to New York, London, and Paris.  She lost 6 inches around her waist and 2 more pounds, and that included a funeral for the unexpected death of her 75 year-old father.  Unfortunately, her father was a person who had lost 50 pounds and then regained it.  His death was likely caused by insulin resistance, the underlying cause of obesity.  We are grateful to Karen for making time to share her story with us this morning.


Breakfast Club members are invited to receive a free nutritional assessment and consultation to see if changing their eating habits could reduce their risk for obesity or diabetes.  Request an appointment when you register at kholtmeier@medicalweightcenter.com or call Karen at 952 835 2132.


Looking ahead

January 16 will be The Resultants presented by Jerry Olson at the Edina CC

January 22 will be B2B CFO presented by Peter Eaton also at the Edina CC