Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Improve your business results with Resultants!

Starting the day early was Robert Sandberg.

President David Goodwyne called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence. Meeting number 2 without a joke or comment to start, typical of an engineer….. Note: Last weeks newsletter did not go out due to a partial government shutdown.

Guests: There were no guests today.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon and Ron Britz were in attendance.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. We have early February dates that need speakers.
  2. New members Joe Kankovsky of Electronic Design and Dave Bell of the Twin Cities Group were introduced. We also have an application from Shauna McDonald of Playworks for the board to review today.
  3. There is a board meeting today.
  4. Dave Mitchell gave us an update on his cancer treatment journey.
  5. Last call for Roster updates and Ads. Contact Dwain Coleman with any changes.
  6. President Dave gave Past President Tony a gavel for his desk today.

Business Networking: Personnel, Services, and referrals outside of the club needed?

Business Exchange: Todd Anderson started us off and was followed by Paul Ralles, Rich Junghans, and Dick Anderson.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: Table #3 was introduced by Renata Faeth with a theme of “What are you business and personal resolutions for 2019”.

Pot of Gold: Peter Eaton drew Chuck Shreffler’s card for the big pot.

Craft Talk:

Peter Eaton introduced our craft speaker, Jerry Olson of Resultants.

Jerry is a farm boy, educated in agriculture, went into his wife’s family business, insurance, then moved to human resources endeavors. Soo it stand to reason that he would be come a consultant to help you improve the value of your business.

He has been with Resultants for Business for 5 years.

 The Resultants Accelerate Your Business™

A plan is only as effective as its execution and execution is based on your culture… your people, alignment, focus and ability to solve issues. The Resultants Accelerate Your Business™ program (formerly Strategic Execution) is the essential business platform for owners and their leadership teams to make the most of their time and talent.

Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) and the Value Builder System™, The Resultants serve you as a Facilitator, Educator and Coach. Professional facilitation by experienced “C” suite business executives makes a remarkable difference in the results generated. Our Business Advisors provide the experience and tools, along with structure and disciplines, to gain real traction toward achieving your vision. These tools are customized to the organization, executed immediately to make strategically smart decisions and keep everyone aligned and accountable.

THIS is how you move your business further, faster. It is a mindset… a change in culture… an evolutionary process that allows your executives to be the best they can be and in the best interest of your company. It’s about eliminating frustration,

creating a culture of accountability, and optimizing business value. Accelerate Your Business™ creates the environment in which organizational leaders not only get what they want out of their business but also get what they want in life.

Register to Jerry at 651-301-1251 or jerry@theResultants.com


Looking ahead

January 23 will be B2B CFO presented by Peter Eaton also at the Edina CC

January 30 will be Bullseye Media presented by Kelsey Wolter at the Edina CC