Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Get your balance sheet in order with B2B CFO!

In the dark morning the early birds started to gather. First to arrive was Mark Arnold followed by Robert Sandberg.

President David Goodwyne called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Guests: There were no guests today.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Russ Bremner, and Dick Nelson were in attendance.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. We have early in the year dates that need speakers.
  2. Jim Christianson went to the hospital last night with a heart issue.
  3. Rich Junghans announced he would be out for a bit with neck surgery.
  4. The golf outing with be the 3rd Monday in June and the Boat Cruise will be in the summer as well. I think it just felt good to mention this in the dead of winter.
  5. Big Checks were given out to three members. Martin Peyer for bringing Playworks to the club. Jim Christianson for bringing Electronic Design to the club. And lastly, Erik Schindler for bringing in the Twin City Group.

Business Networking: Jerry Olson is looking for an executive assistance/Client account manager. Bill Junco needs a part time Valentine flower delivery person in February. Anyone want to get paid for walking the skyways?

Business Exchange: Light exchange today with only Dwain Coleman and Tony Rubin sharing.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: Table #2 was introduced by Jerry Olson with a theme of “How do you cope with the cold” and “What makes you warm and fuzzy in your business”.

Pot of Gold: Chuck Shreffler drew five crinkled cards and the winner was Susanne Bonfe.

Craft Talk:

Chuck Shreffler introduced our craft speaker, Peter Eaton of B2B CFO.

Peter is an iron ranger brought up in Duluth. He went to Notre Dame for both his undergrad and MBA. He is married and the father of 2 sons, has 4 grandchildren, and has lived in Edina since 1984. Giving a couple of grandkids rides to school is one of his great joys in life.

B2B CFO is a consulting organization made up of 235 professionals spread across the US with 8 here in Minnesota. They focus on helping business owners improve their cash position and financial statements. They do this by drawing on their experiences in accounting and finance across all industries.

Nor only do they help with improving business financial systems, but they also assist in Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Acquisitions, and Exit Strategies (such as selling or transferring ownership).

Your initial consultation is free so Peter can learn about your business and how he might help you.

For more information you can find it at WWW.B2BCFO.com

Register to Peter at petereaton@b2bcfo.com

Looking ahead

January 30 will be Bullseye Media presented by Kelsey Wolter at the Edina CC

February 6 will be either Tony Rubin on the Stock Market, or Matt Crane on Taxes at the Edina CC.

February 13 will be Coldwell Banker Burnet presented by Craig Blixrud at the Edina CC.