Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Warm up your portfolio with Tips from Tony!

Coldest morning in more than a decade and Robert Sandberg and Bob Alexander dashed inside to warm up with coffee and conversation.

President David Goodwyne called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Guests: There were no guests today.

Honorary Members: Martin Peyer and Dick Nelson were in attendance.


  1. The 2019 Craft Talk Schedule is available for signup. We have early in the year dates that need speakers. The next open date is March 13.
  2. Karen Holtmeier had a visit from former member Bob Conroy. He said to say hello.
  3. Jim Christensen was in the hospital last week with potentially a heart issue, turns out it was dehydration.
  4. Kelsey announced our social event “Diamonds and Scotch” planned for next Monday Feb 4 from 6-8 PM at Continental Diamonds. Please RSVP.
  5. Jim Erickson announced that we will be the Lobbyist’s Lobbyist when it comes to Martin Peyer and Montessori schools.

Business Networking: Martin Peyer has training available for those interested in starting their own Montessori school.

Business Exchange: Tom Ashbaugh, Jim Erickson, Bill McReavy Jr, Jim Christensen, Paul Ralles (in absentia), and Dave Goodwyne all had something to share today.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: Table #4 was introduced by Dwain Coleman with a theme of “What do you remember about School Closings”.

Pot of Gold: Dwain Coleman filled in for Susanne Bonfe and drew Julius Webster’s card as the winner. Was it a coincidence that they were sitting next to each other….

Craft Talk:

Dwain Coleman introduced our fill-in Craft speaker, Tony Rubin.

Tony was quizzed by Dave Goodwyne on things to watch in the stock market.

Some highlights were;

  1. A lot of the market volatility is brought upon by computer program trades that are triggered to buy or sell as the market hits certain benchmarks that are programmed in.
  2. Pay careful attention to the fees that are in your 401K plans and/or your mutual fund accounts as this impact your return overtime.
  3. Consider having a mix of mutual funds, individual stocks, and bonds in your portfolio.
  4. Take advantage of any match program your employer may have. If you are the employer consider spending more time on pitching 401K plans to get more employees to participate at a higher level.
  5. Haven’t sold many annuity products in the last decade.
  6. If you own an index fund, make sure the costs are quite low.
  7. Its never too early, or too late to start saving for retirement.
  8. Regular IRAs vs Roth IRAs were discussed.
  9. EFTs were also talked about.

Register to Tony at tony.rubin@wellsfargoadvisors.com or 612-810-1474

Looking ahead

February 6 will be Bullseye Media presented by Kelsey Wolter at the Edina CC

February 13 will be Coldwell Banker Burnet presented by Craig Blixrud at the Edina CC.

February 20 will be Palm Commercial by Mike Palm at the Edina CC.