Minneapolis Breakfast Club

It’s never a bad time to buy or sell a home!

Bob Alexander showed up first this morning, followed by Mark Arnold, Robert Sandberg, and Jon Peterson.

President Dave Goodwyne called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a joke about Real Estate Agents and selling their souls.

Guests: Tom Ashbaugh brought Kevin Calgren of Secured 2 Corporation as a potential member. They are involved with data security.

Honorary Members: None were present today.


  1. There will be a board meeting next week.
  2. Jim Erickson recommended the current play at the Minneapolis Latte Da Theater.
  3. Bring your state or national political questions to next week’s meeting moderated by Jim Erickson.
  4. Pick up 2 of the new canary yellow directories if you haven’t already.

Business Networking: What are you looking for? Or need for your business?

Business Exchange: Susanne Bonfe started us off and was followed by Kelsey Wolter, Bob Alexander, Dave Mitchell, Craig Blixrud, Scott Wiyniger, Jim Christensen, Tony Rubin, and Bill McGreavy, jr. Great exchange this week.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: There were no table intros this week.

Pot of Gold: Jon Peterson filled in for Craig Blixrud and drew Mark Arnold’s name with the 5th card.

Craft Talk:

Jon Peterson introduced Craig Blixrud, Coldwell Banker Burnet, today’s craft speaker.

Craig was born, raised, and educated in Minnesota. He is married to Susan for 35+ years and they have 4 children and 2 granddaughters. He has lived in Eden Prairie since 1980 and been in the Breakfast club since 1997.

Craig, Susan, and Brandon (their oldest son) make up the Blixrud team and have been selling residential real estate since 1994. With over 800 transactions completed, they have the experience you need and expertise you want.

Craig brought us up to date on the 16 county metro area 2018 statistics. The number of homes sold was about flat between 2017 and 2018. Median home prices were up 7.7%. Homes sold in an average of 48 days for 98% of the current asking price. A new statistic this year was that homes sold averaged 14 showings before being sold.

Craig also provided a few pictures from their holiday trip to Paris, Brussels, and India.

Call Craig to get you moving in 2019!

Register to Craig Blixrud at blixrudhomes@gmail.com or via voice or text at 612-716-4551.

Looking ahead

February 20 will be Jim Erickson of Solomon Strategies covering Q & A’s on the legislative session.

February 27 will be Palm Commercial by Mike Palm at the Edina CC.

March 6 will be Electronic Design’s Jon Kankovsky giving his first craft talk at the Edina CC.