Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Ever wonder what your business is worth?

Early Birds: Robert Sanberg was the first to arrive today followed by Mark Arnold and Dick Anderson.

President Dave Goodwyne called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, and a moment of silence (Thoughts were with Dave Mitchell, who was to leave the hospital today)

Guests: None today

Honorary Members: Mark Simon returned from California to shovel snow.


  1. There will be a board meeting today.
  2. Pick up 2 of the new canary yellow member directories if you haven’t already.
  3. Erik Schindler was here to receive his big check for bringing in the Twin City Group as a new member.
  4. Rich Junghans gave us an update on his neck surgery recovery.
  5. Jim Erickson based on the ballots he used last week to members that were not in attendance last week.
  6. Erik Schindler passed on greetings from former member Mike Furney of Schmitt Music.
  7. Karen Holtmeier passed on greetings from another former member, Bob Conroy.


Business Networking: Les Jones Roofing is looking for laborers to remove ice dams. Apparently, there is a large need for this service.

Business Exchange: Chuck Shreffler started us off and was followed by Karen Holtmeier, Dwain Coleman, Jim Christianson, and Dick Anderson.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: Table #1 was introduced by Shauna McDonald with a theme of “Which Show and Tell do you remember from your youth?”.

Pot of Gold: Neil Roers drew (drum roll) Neil Roers’ card with the 5th card. Seems like magic to me, I was expecting an ace of spades.

Craft Talk:

Neil Roers introduced out craft speaker, Broker Palm. Not Mike Palm, but his dog, Broker.

Mike Palm took over and explained that Broker had replaced Agent Palm as the top dog in the Palm household. Mike has been married to Shannon for 35 years and with the 4 boys out of the house, he is now the 2nd most important male in the household after Broker.

Mike gave an overview of his journey into being a business and commercial broker.

A year ago, Mike had dropped the Coldwell Banker Commercial franchise and re-branded as Palm Commercial. Focusing on the long-term relationships his family has in the business world.

Mike discussed his current business/real estate listing portfolio consisting of many types of businesses.

He also gave us an overview of how he had reached a business valuation and/or listing price for the Caribbean Marina on Lake Minnetonka. Lots of analysis and brainstorming on the valuable aspects of the business and its real estate.

Mike also gave us some industry trends on business brokerage in Minnesota.

Mike had a few giveaways, notably a Bill McReavy, Jr Bobblehead won by Joe Kankovsky.

Register to Mike Palm at 612-89-0706 or mpalm@palmcommercialbrokerage.com


Looking ahead

March 6 will be Electronic Design’s Joe Kankovsky giving his first craft talk at the Edina CC.

March 13 is TBD

March 20 will be Dave Bell of the Twin City Group giving his first craft talk at the Edina CC.