Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Good things come in 3’s, such as 3 wise men or 3 blind mice or 3 mini craft talks.

Early Birds: A new early bird, Chuck Shreffler, was here to greet members as they arrived.

Vice President Scott Wiyninger called the meeting to order with a ring of the bell, a moment of silence, and a joke about gardeners as spring is almost here.

Guests: There were no guests today. Bring one next week!

Honorary Members: Martin Peyer, Mark Simon and Dick Nelson joined us today.


  1. Pick up 2 of the new canary yellow member directories if you haven’t already.
  2. There will be a board meeting next week.
  3. Golf outing is planned for June 17 unless members want it moved earlier to the 10th. Let Paul Ralles know if the 17th won’t work for you.
  4. Todd Anderson updated us on Dave Mitchell’s recovery.


Business Networking: Shauna McDonald said Playworks is hosting a Kickball Tournament on June 14. Consider signing up a team. Success Computer Consulting is hosting a Tech Pulse event on April 23rd, contact Scott Wiyninger for more info and an invite.

Business Exchange: Dwain Coleman started us off, followed by Robert Sandberg, Catherine Moore, Jim Erickson, and Shauna McDonald.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: Jon Peterson introduced Table #2 with a theme of what is your favorite St Patrick’s Day memory.

Pot of Gold: Robert Sandberg drew 5 cards and the big winner was Jim Erickson.

Craft Talk:

Robert Sanberg introduced out tremendous trio of talkers, Dwain Coleman, John Winston, and Robert Sandberg.

Dwain started off by saying 2019 will be his 50th year with Zip Printing. They are a customer focused print shop with long term customer relationships many spanning generations. One of their customers is the State of Minnesota and they are a 3 time winner of the Governor’s Award for Service.

Their new printer made over 9 million copies in the last year and they might have that much paper in stock in all kinds of color, texture, and weights.

Contact Dwain for service from Yelp’s #1 printer in the Twin Cities.

Next up was John Winston, who is celebrating his 50th year as an attorney. John graduated from the U of M law school as the 2nd tallest graduate in 1968. He started his own practice in 1994 and has now spent most of his career on his own. His specialty is all things real estate. Sales, purchases, leases, disputes, development projects, etc. are all part of what he can do to support you.

John is not allowed to retire (per his significant other), so contact him for any real estate issue you may have.

Robert Sandberg is not celebrating anything to do with 50 years in business, but none the less brought us up to date with Windrider, the sailboat and apparel company.

There were 5800 sailboats sold in the US in 2018, down 20% from 2017, which was down 30% from 2016. While they have a build-to-order production facility, Robert has repositioned the company to focus on parts and sailing apparel.

Their private label apparel is designed to perform well in cold and wet applications. Many members have bought Windrider gloves for skiing and snowblowing. Robert is always trying out new products such as snow tubes.

Check out his website at www.windrider.com


Register to Scott Wiyninger at scottw@sccnet.com or 763-300-1735


Looking ahead

March 20 will be Dave Bell of the Twin City Group giving his first craft talk at the Edina CC.

March 27 will be guest speaker, Peter Smerud of Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, brought by Peter Eaton at the Edina CC.

April 3 will be Dick Anderson of Anderson Furniture at the Edina CC. Come early and help move the 7 piece sectional he is bringing to demonstrate the proper way to take a nap on it.