Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Do you know how to cover your business risks with insurance?

Early Birds: Mark Arnold raced to the door to beat Robert Sandberg by close margin.

President Dave Goodwyne rang the bell for a moment of silence and to bring the meeting to order.

Guests: Justin Cox, Professional Photographer, and Daniel Prosser, Author, CEO Speaker, and Entreprenuer were brought by Mark Arnold.

Honorary Members: Martin Peyer and Ron Britz joined us today.


  1. Pick up 2 of the new canary yellow member directories if you haven’t already.
  2. There will be a board meeting this week.
  3. Golf outing is planned for June 17.
  4. Jerry Olson and Ron Britz both have new granddaughters.


Business Networking: Success Computer Consulting is hosting a Tech Pulse event on April 23rd, contact Scott Wiyninger for more info and an invite. Martin Peyer is looking for individuals that want to start a Montessori school and need mentoring. Renata Faeth, AAA, is hosting an April 4th Seminar on Club Adventures Travel. An exciting new small group travel group.

Business Exchange: Dave Bell started us off and was followed by Tom Ashbaugh, Dick Anderson, Renata Faeth, Rich Junghans, Tom Whaley, Keith Kovacevick, Chris Leonard, John Winston, and Todd Anderson.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions: Chris Leonard started off Table #4 with a theme of “What’s new in your business and life”.

Pot of Gold: Dave Goodwyne drew 5 cards and the big winner was Don Thiets.

Craft Talk:

Dave Goodwyne introduced Dave Bell giving his first craft talk. (BTW, not attending today were Erik Schindler and Tony Rubin, the two guys who know Dave the best….)

Dave is an Edina kid who grew up playing hockey and still does. He is married to Peggy who he met at the Edina Country Club. They have 3 adult children,  one who is married and 2 that will be married in 2020. They are headed to South America next month to visit Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The Twin City Group was founded in 1913 and is the 2nd oldest insurance company in Minnesota. They represent 17 companies that are all a-rated or above and can put together a risk management plan for your business covering a multitude of perils.

Dave spent some time presenting risk areas we may not have thought of and how they are covered by policy endorsements. Areas such as Solar panels, multiple building locations, work interruption due to transmission line failures, and many others.

Highlighting the risk areas with real world examples was a nice touch by Dave.

Putting together an underwriting file on your company with Dave will make it easy to add and delete coverages as your business needs change. Give him a call for a discussion on your needs.

Register to Dave Bell at 952-924-6900 or dbell@twincitygroup.com


Looking ahead

March 27 will be guest speaker, Peter Smerud of Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, brought by Peter Eaton at the Edina CC.

April 3 will be Dick Anderson of Anderson Furniture at the Edina CC.

April 10 will be Jon Peterson of New American Funding at the Edina CC.