Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Batter Up!

Perennial early birds Mark Arnold and Dick Anderson did not take kindly to be regulated to second class last week and returned to show up promptly this week to their rightful place.
Our president is at his southern palace this week and the capable Scott Wiyninger started the meeting with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.
Rather than a joke, Scott states some impressive stats regarding the customers of our craft speaker, Dick Anderson. Their status is somehow reflected in their furniture/floor choices picked by Dick.
Guests this week were Lowell Thompson, longtime club member, invited back by Dick Anderson to present part of the craft talk. Linda St. John of Coriden brought by Jim Christianson, Staples. And William S. Bojan, JR. of CliftonLarsonAllen, invited by Chuck Shreffler.
Good to see Dave Mitchell of Berger Transfer today. He stated that he’s cancer free and thanked the members for their support over the last six months. Members are free to start moving again!
Honoraries this week were Dick Nelson and Mark Simon.
Business opportunities. Could someone please find Randy a salesman and a couple of carpenters?
Keith could use a couple of roofers also.
Jim Christianson of Staples said to attend his upcoming craft talk as theres big news with Staples (They are rebranding themselves).
Robust business exchange this morning started with Ashbaugh Financial, AAA, Printastic, Staples, The Winston, DJ Kranz, and others.
Table 4 had table introductions. Kelsey of Bullseye Media asked the table to present their favorite sports memories.
Most of the memories involved watching children and grandchildren (great club).
Catherine Moore drew for the Pot O’ Gold……..and the winner is….the owner of the 5th wrinkled card…Mr Mark Simon. Congrats Mark!
Dick Anderson was introduced and briefly gave his background starting with him being a “Northeaster”. Dick grew up in North east Minneapolis and went on to go to Edison High School (Star athlete) after graduating proceeded to the U of M. He entered the Coast Guard and kept Minnesota safe. It has been said that there was never an attack on the north shore taconite harbors by the North Koreans while Dick was there! Having completed that commitment he went back to the U to finish his studies and graduated in 1955. He wasted no time in starting a business with his partner and formed Modern Sales. In 1964 he started Anderson House of Furniture.
Anderson Furniture has moved a few times over the years as time and business changed and he finally shedded the physical showrooms and represented the brands from home. While he claims he has no more show rooms, clubbers in the know….seem to think he has around 19 showrooms around Minneapolis.
With that Dick introduced Lowell Thompson, another great athlete, to speak to the group about the Minnesota Senior Sports Association.
The Minnesota Senior Sports Association is a 501(c)(3) non profit association created to encourage and support participation amateur sports activities by men and women, age 50 and older, who reside in the State of Minnesota. It is believed to be the only one of its kind in the United States.
Its vision is to recognize, promote and support the physical and mental fitness of senior men and women through participation in amateur sports.
Each year the MSSA honors those individuals and organizations who participate, organize, support or sponsor senior sports activities. At their annual banquet they honor and present awards and add to their Hall of Fame. Participants are anywhere from age 56 to 96 and the list of sports is equally impressive.
MSSA encourages those interested to get involved, nominate a worthy athlete.
MSSA is also looking for donations.
The MSSA officials are Dave Mona, President. Board members are our own Dick Anderson, Marlene Brodt, Dick Jonckowski, Lowell Thompson and Jerry Johnson.
 Next weeks meeting is at Edina CC with Jon Peterson of Ne American Funding presenting.
Table Introductions by Table #3 DESQ/Dick Nelson