Minneapolis Breakfast Club

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Minneapolis Breakfast Club Newsletter May 1, 2019

Early Birds: Susanne Bonfe was there to greet the usual early birds of Robert Sandberg and Mark Arnold.

President David Goodwyne was back from a well earned vacation and needs another one to recover from this one.

Guests: Not a guest, but long-time member, Dwain Bell, was in attendance. He had just had a pacemaker installed in his 93 year-old body.

Honorary Members:   Dick Nelson, Mark Simon, and Russ Bremner joined us this morning.


  1. Get your foursome (or sign up as a single) ready for the MBC Golf outing on June 17.
  2. Staples will be offsite in Arden Hills on May 15.
  3. Jim Erickson wanted to thank all the members and participants who met last week at the Capitol.
  4. Dick Anderson mentioned the Bill McReavy Sr is at Abbott Northwestern for diabetes treatment.

Business Networking: None today.

Business Exchange: Dave Mitchell started us off and was followed by Dwain Coleman, Catherine Moore, Bob Alexander, Mike Palm, Jon Peterson, Susanne Bonfe, John Winston, Craig Blixrud, and Jim Erickson.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions:  Table No. 1 was introduced by Bob Alexander with a theme of “Is Spring here, or is it yet to come?”

Pot of Gold: Joe Kankovsky drew for 2 Pots of Gold today. The first was won by Chuck Shreffler and 2nd was won by Dave Bell. Dave gets to introduce next week’s craft speaker.

Craft Talk:

Joe Kankovsky introduced Susanne Bonfe, owner/operator of Smile Keepers and Susanne’s Cards.

Did you know that Susanne was born in Portland, went to New York, went back to Portland, followed her husband at the time to Minnesota in 1986 and made Minnesota her home?

Susanne has been married to Wally for 10 years and has a dog and 5 step children.

Susanne told us a little about her career journey, the copy machine incident, the hot tub incident, and the journey to getting a new puppy from Iowa. If you missed the meeting, you’ll have to call her for the details.

Susanne had a show and tell about her custom greeting cards and various types of promotional products that are popular. Anything from can cozies, backpacks, flashlights, pens, hands free devices, and customized Carhartt clothing is possible. The worst thing you can say to her is “I didn’t know you could do that”.

She has even done custom syringes.

Susanne had a great idea to motivate and retain employees by providing company apparel or items in a Welcome package when they join and regularly give them something as they stay your employee.


Register to Susanne Bonfe at 612-710-9695 or smilekeepers@gmail.com


Looking ahead

May 8 will be Windrider (Robert Sandberg) at the Edina CC.

May 15 will be OFFSITE at Staples.

May 22 will be OFFITE at Norcostco.