Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Sail away with Windrider apparel!

Early Birds: Robert Sandberg slept in the parking lot to be the early bird and was followed by Bob Alexander, Dick Anderson, and Mark Arnold.

President David Goodwyne brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence

Guests: Andrew Kuderer of Core Talent was brought by Kelsey Wolter. Cihan Silent of Silent MD was brought by Tom Ashbaugh.

Honorary Members:   Dick Nelson, Mark Simon, and Russ Bremner joined us this morning.


  1. Get your foursome (or sign up as a single) ready for the MBC Golf outing on June 17.
  2. Staples will be offsite in Arden Hills next week. Keep an eye out for the map.
  3. Norcostco will be offsite in Golden Valley on May 22nd.
  4. LVC is having a customer appreciation lunch on June 20th from 11-1 at their Edina location.
  5. Todd Anderson is now playing senior softball and shared a scouting report on Dick Anderson.
  6. Mark Simon’s grandson is an actor in the Children’s Theater play, Matilda, now showing.
  7. Scott Wiyninger will not be able to serve as President from July 1 thru Dec 31st. If interested in serving, let David Goodwyne know. Past presidents are also invited to step up.
  8. Mark Arnold announced that Continental Diamonds is having a diamond earring event this weekend.
  9. Bill McReavy, Sr is now at a rehab facility before heading home after a short stay at Abbott.
  10. Karen Holtmeier was a presenter at the Wayzata HS Scholarship award night.

Business Networking: Rich Junghans is looking for an office clerk. Karen Holtmeier is looking for temp help for running her office. Robbie Danko is looking to fill 3 intern positions for this summer.

Business Exchange: Julius Webster started us off and was followed by Bill McReavy Jr, Chris Leonard, Paul Ralles, Erik Schindler, Dwain Coleman, Rich Junghans, Ed Crandall, Dave Mitchell, Tom Ashbaugh, Mark Arnold, and Dave Goodwyne. A great exchange today.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions:  Table No. 3 was introduced by Tony Rubin with a theme of “What service do you provide that the club may be unaware of”?

Pot of Gold: Dave Goodwyne drew 5 cards and the big winner was Mark Arnold.

Craft Talk:

Robert introduced himself with a family portrait and announced they are having a baby girl in July 2019. Big brother Isaac is excited.

When Windrider joined the club, new sailboat sales were the dominant source of revenue. Today they account for 10% of the company revenue as Robert has diversified the company into sailboat parts and accessories and apparel.

He sells through Amazon and Windrider’s own website.

Robert did a show and tell with sunglasses, waterproof bibs, gloves, storm jackets, etc and talked about how he sources the manufacturing of these items and has them delivered. They have a goal of introducing 15-20 new products a year.

An exciting new item soon to be here is a blow-up Flamingo that seats 6 with a 2-horse electric motor. I look forward to seeing the video of it maneuvering it on Lake Calhoun.

Robert expects to also have a “Nessy” and a Pirate ship as part of the line-up.

Check out all the Windrider products at www.windrider.com

Register to Robert Sandberg at 612-735-5540 or robert@windrider.com


Looking ahead

May 15 will be OFFSITE at Staples. Instruction email to follow.

May 22 will be OFFSITE at Norcostco.

May 29 there will not be a meeting (5th Monday of the month)