Minneapolis Breakfast Club

A New Era for an American “Staple”

Early Birds: Robert Sandberg, Dick Anderson, and Dwain Coleman.


President David Goodwyne brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence

Guests: Various Staples Vendors and teammates as well as Cherie Thesing from HouseLift!

Honorary Members:   Dick Nelson, Ron Britz, and Mark Simon joined us this morning.


  1. Get your foursome (or sign up as a single) ready for the MBC Golf outing on June 17. Details to come!
  2. Norcostco will be offsite in Golden Valley on May 22nd.
  3. LVC is having a customer appreciation lunch on June 20th from 11-1 at their Edina location.
  4. Scott Wiyninger will not be able to serve as President from July 1 thru Dec 31st. If interested in serving, let David Goodwyne know. Past presidents are also invited to step up.
  5. Saints Opener was Thursday night!!

Business Networking: Randy Korn is looking for a sales and design with HouseLift. He is also looking for any “honey-do” list projects for his team to take care of for you!

Business Exchange: Susanne Bonfe thanked Matt Crane for an order of hammocks and Tony Rubin for mints and water. She also gave the prizes from her craft talk last week. Mike Palm thanked Jim Christianson for the wonderful paper products in the bathroom. Dwain Coleman thanked Bell Manufacturing for a printing order with Zip Printing.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions:  Table introductions were tabled for next week for convenience.

Pot of Gold: Dave Goodwyne drew 5 cards and the big winner was Ron Britz

Craft Talk:

Dave Goodwyne introduced Jim Christianson with a letter from his wife which was presented in a sealed envelope, so it was a surprise for all involved! We heard an interesting story about his first date with his lovely wife and a rejected back rub.

Jim started Breakfast Club in 1987. His professional journey included a few twists and turns which eventually landed him at Staples.

Staples is a “New Staples” when it was acquired by a private equity company. The changes include a new logo, the loop magazine, and a refocus on what is best for the client. They are now considered a work life company that is constantly changing with the changing times.

As a client of Staples, you not only work with Jim, you have a dedicated team of experts and professionals to ensure your complete business needs are met.

The new Staples also includes: TruRed (copy paper, office supplies), NXT (technology), Coastwide (facilities service products), Perk (tissue and paper good, coffee systems), and Unionscale (furniture). They consider themselves the Amazon of business to business.

They are focusing on working where their clients are working but creating productive workspaces in the office, home, or on the go.

Prize winners include:

Todd Anderson – Shredder

Gabe Freund – Organizer

Susanne Bonfe – Booksafe

Karen Holtmeier – Keurig

Joe Kankovsky – Office

Check out all the Staples website at StaplesAdvantage.com

Register to Jim Christianson by phone 651-639-4745 or 612-850-8898 or Jim.Christianson@staples.com.

Here is a message from Jim Christianson:

Staples Advantage is the business-to-business division of Staples Inc., the world’s largest office products company. For over 29 years, Staples has been an innovator in providing office essentials and solutions to businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on delivering to the Breakfast Club members the lowest total delivered cost programs with the highest rates of customer satisfaction.




Our new brands and all that we offer at Staples are built with the goal to provide you with solutions to ensure your teams are productive, connected and inspired.



If you are presently doing business with Staples, THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK-YOU!!!Please log on to the new StaplesAdvantage.com website to review how we may further be of assistance in vendor consolidation and cost control-or better yet—CALL JIM CHRISTIANSON @ 651-639-4745.


If you are not presently doing business with Staples, we would appreciate an opportunity to discuss your program and are committed to provide you the lowest total delivered cost program while maintaining the highest rate of customer satisfaction.


Marie and I look forward to continually working with and for all the Breakfast Clubbers!!!


Looking ahead

May 22 will be OFFITE at Norcostco.

May 29 there will not be a meeting (5th Monday of the month)