Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Lights, Make Up, Action! A sneak behind the curtain.

This Craft Talk was Rigged by Norcostco

More light will be shed on that later


Early Birds: Dick Anderson, and Mark Arnold

President David Goodwyne brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence

Guests: Barry Nelson and Eric Voigt, Norcostco teammates, as well as Julie Schindler, Erik’s boss!

Honorary Members:   Dick Nelson, Ron Britz, and Mark Simon joined us this morning.


1.      Get your foursome (or sign up as a single) ready for the MBC Golf outing on June 17. Details to come!

2.      No meeting next Wednesday – it’s the 5th Wednesday.

3.      LVC is having a customer appreciation lunch on June 20th from 11-1 at their Edina location.

4.      Scott Wiyninger will not be able to serve as President from July 1 thru Dec 31st. If interested in serving, let David Goodwyne know. Past presidents are also invited to step up.

5.      Boat Cruise – August 7th.  70 people gets us the fun boat!

6.      The Saints opener was last Thursday night against the Milwaukee Milkmen who were in town for a four-game stand.  Unfortunately, the Saints proved to be lactose intolerant the first two outings and the Milkers came away with two wins. Udderly disappointing. The Saints churned back and put the Milk back in the bottle for the next two, winning 2-1 on Saturday and then creaming the visiting team 9-5 on Sunday.  Tuesday’s game against Chicago was postponed, because nobody likes the smell of a wet dog.  Go Saints!

Business Networking: Randy Korn is looking for a sales and design position with HouseLift.

Business Exchange: Erik Schindler thanked Bullseye for a track and drape order. There were some other things mentioned, but do to a complete lack of people recording the events, these will have to endure in the memories of those present.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions:  Table introductions were tabled for next week, which actually the week after next week, for convenience.

Pot of Gold: Ron Britz drew 5 cards and the big winner was Dick Anderson – go figure.

Craft Talk:

Ron Britz introduced Erik with a little history about his family how he found his way to Norcostco, and fortunately there was absolutely no mention about Boones Farm or shirtless backrubs.

Norcostco was happy to host the craft talk in our classroom area, which is used to host makeup and lighting system programming classes. It also show some samples of LED lighting fixtures, rigging, tracks and drape that Norcostco produces and installs.

Erik talked about Norcostco, which was purchased by J.T. Scott in 1947, which he ran for years by and later by Jim Scott and eventually Erik and Julie Schindler. The company started as a costume shop in 1884 and has grown into a full-service supplier to the performing arts which includes costumes, theatrical supplies and expendables, makeup and the design and installation of lighting and rigging systems.  With offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis and Fairfield, NJ, Norcostco has a national footprint.

A demonstration of LED performance lighting was given by Barry Nelson and Eric Voigt which briefly touched on some of the features of modern lighting instruments and control systems.  It was a pleasure to demonstrate some of Norcostco’s capabilities as well as let people know more about what we do as a company.


Prize winners include:

Don Thiets – The Breakfast Club’s newest Storm Trooper, may the force be with you.

Bob Alexander – a 100’ indoor/outdoor extension cable and a couple packs of Bongo Ties for taming wild cables.

Norcostco’s website is:  www.norcostco.com and www.ProMakeup.com

Register with Erik Schindler by email at: erik.schindler@Norcostco.com or 763-300-4303


Reminder: May 29 there will not be a meeting (5th Monday of the month)


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Looking ahead

May 29 there will not be a meeting (5th Monday of the month)

June 5: Washburn-McReavy at Edina Country Club

June 12: Five Star Painting at Edina Country Club

June 19: Carey Limousine at Edina Country Club