Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Don’t leave 100 decisions to your family!

Early Birds: Mark Arnold was the first to arrive today.

Tom Ashbaugh filled in for President Dave this week. He had a quote from Bill. Jr., “All men are cremated equally”.

Guests: Andrew Kuderer of Core Talent was here for a 2nd visit. Drew Wolters was brought by his sister, Kelsey.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Dik Lindskoog, and Russ Bremner joined us this morning.


  1. Golf Outing on June 17! Sign up with Paul Ralles either as an individual or a foursome. Cost is $105 per player.
  2. Boat Cruise is planned for August 7th in Wayzata at 5:30 PM. Cost is TBD at this point.
  3. Scott Wiyninger will not be able to serve as President from July 1 thru Dec 31st. If interested in serving, let David Goodwyne know. Past presidents are also invited to step up. We also need a Vice President as well.

Business Networking: Berger-Allied needs drivers, call Dave Mitchell for more info. Summit Fire needs folks interested in becoming certified Fire/Life Safety Inspectors.

Business Exchange: Susanne Bonfe started us off and was followed by Shauna McDonald, Dwain Coleman, Kelsey Wolter, Paul Ralles, Dick Anderson, Julius Webster, Tom Ashbaugh, and Craig Blixrud. A great exchange today.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions:  Table No. 4 was introduced by Jerry Olson with a theme of “What’s new this summer in your business”.

Pot of Gold: Dick Anderson drew Shauna McDonald’s name with the 5th card today.

Craft Talk:

Dick Anderson introduced his friend from the 1950’s, Bill McReavy, Sr and his son, Bill McReavy, Jr.

McReavy-Washburn has been in business for over 160 years with the same family ownership. Today with the 5th generation in the business, there are 7 family members working in the business.

Bill, Jr talked about the scope of the business (17 Funeral Chapels and 4 Cemetaries) and how they have been a market leader in pricing and meeting the needs of their customers.

Pam Tsatsos, Director of Pre-planning, played a video “Have the talk of the lifetime”. Pam talked about how a family has to make over 100 decisions at the time of a funeral. Pre-planning gets your family prepared to meet your wishes both for the service and financially. The plans they offer are in compliance with Medical Assistance guidelines so the assets set aside for the funeral are in a trust.

Contact Washburn-McReavy to get your plan started.

Register to Bill, Jr at 612-865-5523 or BillMcReavy@Washburn-McReavy.com

Looking ahead

June 12 is Carey Limousine at ECC.

June 19 is Five Star Painting at ECC

June 26 is TBD at ECC