Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Get taken for a ride in style with Carey Limo!

Early Birds: Jim Erickson was the first to arrive and was followed by Mark Arnold, Jon Peterson, and Dick Anderson.

Craig Blixrud filled in for President Dave this week. A spoon and a water glass served as the bell, a basket was found for the Pot of Gold, and business cards were used for registration in some cases. What the heck is going on???

Guests: Jason Jones of the Coaching Hour, was a guest of Tony Rubin.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Russ Bremner, Ron Britz, Martin Peyer, and Tom Donnelly all were in attendance.


  1. Golf Outing on June 17! Sign up with Paul Ralles either as an individual or a foursome. Cost is $105 per player. Don’t forget a door prize or two!
  2. Boat Cruise is planned for August 7th in Wayzata at 5:30 PM. Cost is about $100 per person at this point. We have room for 100 people to attend.
  3. Mark Arnold has stepped up to be President starting in July. We still need a Vice President for the next term as well. Contact Dave Goodwyne or Craig Blixrud for more info.
  4. We have several open craft talk dates in June and July. Contact Craig to get on the schedule.
  5. There will be a board meeting next week.

Business Networking: Randy Korn is not looking for carpenters, but he needs an outside sales/project leader. Todd Anderson is looking for a part time dispatcher. Erik Schindler has a nephew looking for a job.

Business Exchange: A great business exchange was started by Tony Rubin and followed by Bob Alexander, Todd Anderson, Chuck Shreffler, Jim Christianson, Chris Leonard, Erik Schindler, Jim Erickson, Paul Ralles, Mike Palm, and Neil Roers.

Business Updates: What’s new in your business?

Table Introductions:  Dwain Coleman introduced his table with a theme of “What’s going on in your business and what are your summer plans?”

Pot of Gold: Shauna McDonald drew for the Pot of Gold and Russ Bremner did not win, Bob Alexander did.

Craft Talk:

Shauna McDonald introduced our craft speaker, Todd Anderson of Carey Limousine. They actually shared a business relationship prior to Shauna joining the Breakfast Club.

Carey Limo was founded in 1978 by Todd’s father, Larry Dunn. The company now has 4 business areas, 1) Limousine services, 2) Funeral Car services, 3) Escort services, and 4) Funeral car sales.

In 1992 they were the “Operator of the Year” for Carey Limo for handling the 1991 World Series, the Super Bowl, the Final Four, and other major events.

Big Events such as these are very stressful, fun, and profitable. Todd is looking forward to the PGA event as the next big event.

Todd touched on his competitors, Uber and Lyft, and his views on their long term viability.

Todd talked about how he goes on calls to remove a body after a death and he has had a lot of overdose deaths recently of young folks.

Todd brought us up to date on the family. Larry is a full time AZ resident and restoring a pair of Austin Healy’s. His daughter, Marit, is working on a master’s in Museum and Library studies. His son Robbie, is attending St. Paul College, and his son, Will, has just graduated from High School in Roseville. He and Heidi are enjoying life.

Register to Todd via email at tanderson@careympls.com or 612-597-9465.

Looking ahead

June 19 is Five Star Painting at ECC

June 26 is TBD at ECC