Minneapolis Breakfast Club

We can all be Better Angels

Early Birds: Dick Anderson was the first to arrive today and wondered who else might be coming today.

President Mark Arnold rang the bell and had a moment of silence to start the meeting. What no Pledge of Allegiance?

Guests: Chuck Shreffler brought his wife, Beth, and Bruce McKenzie, our guest speaker. Chloe Czaplewski, Playworks, attended he first meeting as an alternate representative.

Honorary Members: Russ Bremner and Mark Simon were in attendance today.


  1. The Boat Cruise is planned for August 7th leaving Wayzata bay about 5:30 PM. Cost per person is $100 for guests, Club members are free! We have 50+ signups and are on our way to 100.
  2. We need Craft speakers for July 31 and August 21. Please forward ideas to Craig Blixrud.
  3. There will be a board meeting next week after the regular meeting.

Business Networking: Berger-Allied is looking for truck drivers.

Business Exchange: Jim Christianson, Paul Ralles, Todd Anderson, and Keith Kovacevick all had something to share.

Business Updates: None today

Table Introductions:  Table #3 was introduced by Mike Palm with a theme of “What’s your political persuasion?”. Hands down, Robbie Danko had the best comment, A veteran told her they fought for the right to have an opinion and express it.

Pot of Gold: Karen Holtmeier 5 cards in Russ Bremner’s place today and drew her own name with the 5th card.

Craft Talk:

Russ Bremner introduced Chuck Shreffler. Chuck is married to Beth Fondell and the father of 3 sons. His oldest son is a Navy Pilot, Middle son is a Navy EOD officer on deployment (EOD is Explosive Ordnance Disposal), his youngest son is a nurse on a transplant floor of a hospital. His youngest son is also on a kidney transplant list. Chuck himself is now a “recovering litigator” working as a generalist lawyer.

Chuck introduced his guest speaker, Bruce McKenzie, also a practicing attorney and representing the Better Angels Organization.

Better Angels is an organization of 7,000+ members across the nation uniting red and blue Americans to depolarize America.

Better Angels takes the perspective that America is half red and half blue and the majority of Americans want the same things from the government but have different perspectives. By getting an equal number of red and blues in a room and engaging them in understanding each other’s perspective, we can get all people to work together on common ground.

Better-Angels works in our communities to bring people together through workshops with your neighbors.

For more information checkout WWW.Better-Angels.org

Register to Chuck Shreffler at chuck@chucklaw.com 612-872-8000

Looking ahead

July 24 is Wooden Hill Brewery (Mark Arnold) at ECC

July 31 is TBD at ECC

August 5 is the Wayzata Boat Cruise

August 7 is St. Paul Saints at CHS Field