Minneapolis Breakfast Club

St Paul Saints, Fun is Good!

Early Birds: CHS Field was a welcoming sight on this beautiful morning as the members gathered.

President Mark Arnold brought the meeting to order with a whistle from Tom Ashbaugh.

Guests: Kristen Baas of Insperity was a guest of Jerry Olson for a 2nd time. Beth Fondell was a guest of her husband, Chuck Shreffler. Conrad Anderson of the Minnesota Science Museum was a guest of Jim Christiansen.

Honorary Members: Mark Simon and Dick Nelson joined us this AM.


  1. The boat cruise is set for TONITE with 70+ persons departing on a 3 hour tour of Lake Minnetonka (no stopping at deserted islands) leaving from the Wayzata dock at 5:30 PM.
  2. Continental Diamond is having a 3 day party this weekend. Contact Mark for more info.
  3. Next week at ECC, Jerry Olson is bringing a guest speaker on Life Credo.
  4. In two weeks we will have a joint meeting with the Ham ‘n Eggs group and have US Representative Dean Phillips speak courtesy of Jim Erickson.

Minnetonka Vice showed up today.

Beautiful day at the ballpark.

Business Exchange: Skipped today.

Table Introductions:  None today

Pot of Gold: Bob Alexander drew five cards and one baseball. Mike Palm won the pot today.

Craft Talk:

Bob Alexander introduced our craft speaker, Tom Whaley of the Saints. Tom is married to Kathy and they have 3 adult children. One in Oregon, one in New York, and one that is thinking about Phoenix just to even things out. Tom’s wife is spending a lot of her time at their hobby farm in southern Illinois. So travel is a large part of Tom’s life.

Last year Tom joined the Serving our Troops group on a trip to Kuwait where they served 4200 steak dinners to the Minnesota National Guards that were on deployment.

Tom also is suffering a mid-life crisis and acquired a motorcycle and can be seen cruising north of the Twin Cities on a regular basis.

The St. Paul Saints are having a great year. Currently in 2nd place in their division behind by a game and a half. They have had 5 players signed off their roster for other teams this year. Their attendance is stellar with sellouts in spite of the Soccer team new stadium and the Twins playing and drawing well.

This Thursday night is Cat Video Night always a big draw for costumed cat lovers.

Their most unique promotion recently was the World’s Largest Food fight which left the stadium a mess.

Register to Tom Whaley at twhaley@saintsbaseball.com or 651-233-0174.

Looking ahead

August 14 is Life Credo (brought by Jerry Olson) at ECC

August 21 is US Congressman Dean Phillips (brought by Jim Erickson) at ECC

August 28 is Les Jones Roofing at ECC