Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Deal with Neil at Midwest One!

Early Birds: Mark Arnold came in carrying an umbrella and was followed by Dick Anderson and Jon Peterson.

Mark Arnold brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence. Had a good joke apparently about bankers, but not for public consumption.

Guests: No guests today.

Honorary Members: Dick Nelson, Mark Simon, Ron Britz, and Rus Bremner


  1. There will be a board meeting today.
  2. LVC and Berger Transfer are swapping craft talk spots.
  3. On behalf of the Playworks staff and our high-profile board, you are invited to showcase your brand and corporate values for the childhood our kids deserve. “The Great Playworks Get Together” takes place on March 5th, 2020 at 6:30PM at Machine Shop. Take a look at how we showcased our sponsors last year! For more information, please contact Chloe Czaplewski, Senior Development Associate, at chloe.czaplewski@playworks.org or 651-278-7707.

Business Networking: None today

Business Exchange: Peter Eaton, Jon Peterson, Dwain Coleman, Russ Bremner, Dick Anderson, Keith Kovaceick, and Ron Britz all had something to share. Apparently, AAA is doing a good job keeping the honorary members out of town.

Business Updates:

  1. Fall Fashion show is coming up September 19&20 at Continental Diamond.
  2. September 22nd from 11-5 is a Nicollet Ave street event right outside Houselift’s front door. It runs from Lake Street South to 46th.

Table Introductions: Table #1 was introduced by Craig Blixrud with a theme of “What are your fall plans?”.

Pot of Gold: Neil Roers drew 5 cards and Dave Mitchell was the big winner.

Craft Talk:

Neil Roers of MidwestOne introduced himself. Neil hails from Marshall, Minnesota and is a recovering CPA who moved to banking to keep the numbers flowing. He has worked for WellsFargo, BMO, and Central Bank (Which was bought by MidwestOne).

He is married and has 3 sons and lives in Plymouth.

MidwestOne is a $4.7B in assets bank based in Iowa with locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Florida. Neil classifies them as a mid-sized bank.

Their loan portfolio is 51% Commercial Real Estate, 25% Commercial and Industrial, and 17% Residential Real Estate.

They offer a full line of tools to make your banking experience efficient and easy along with the plus of having a personal banking representative that knows you and your business.

Neil talked about how banking has been changing as the teller transactions and people coming in the door at banks have been dropping. He also talked about Venmo and Zelle payment systems and their differences.

Deal with Neil and have a great experience banking with MidwestOne. Their money spends better than anyone.

Register for the Pot of Gold with Neil Roers at 612-790-1910 or email at nroers@midwestone.com

Looking ahead

September 25 is Berger Transfer at ECC

October 2 is a United Way Update at ECC hosted by Tony Rubin

October 9 is Toshiba at ECC