Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Be On The Move With Berger!

Early Birds: There was a crowd today when the author arrived. My guess is Robert Sandberg and Mark Arnold were there earlier than others.

Mark Arnold brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Guests: No guests today.

Honorary Members: Dick Nelson, and Mark Simon


  1. Rich Junghans mentioned that he is doing some mentoring at Mpls North High with the new principal. There is a documentary out “Love them First” that was produced by Kare 11. We should view the video.
  2. October is Financial Planning month according to Tony Rubin. Time to get your ducks in a row (during hunting season).
  3. September is Life Insurance Awareness month according to Tom Ashbaugh. See him before Washburn McReavy sees you…
  4. President Mark presented a big check to Jerry Olson for bringing in a new member, Insperity.
  5. On behalf of the Playworks staff and our high-profile board, you are invited to showcase your brand and corporate values for the childhood our kids deserve. “The Great Playworks Get Together” takes place on March 5th, 2020 at 6:30PM at Machine Shop. Take a look at how we showcased our sponsors last year! For more information, please contact Chloe Czaplewski, Senior Development Associate, at chloe.czaplewski@playworks.org or 651-278-7707.

Business Networking: None today

Business Exchange: Tony Rubin started us off and was followed by Neil Roers, Paul Ralles, and Karen Holtmeier.

Business Updates:

  1. Neil Roers’ brothers were featured in a StarTribune article this week. No mention of Neil at all. Wonder who the black sheep in the family is.
  2. Chris Leonard mentioned they are working 24/7 in New Hope on shutting down a pasta manufacturing line.

Table Introductions: Jerry Olson introduced Table #3 with a theme of “favorite spot to view the fall leaves”.

Pot of Gold: Dave Mitchell carefully selected 5 cards and Chuck Shreffler was the big winner.

Craft Talk:

Dave Mitchell of Berger Allied, a fisherman, a mycophgist (one who hunts and eats mushrooms), and most importantly, a cancer survivor, gave today’s craft talk.

In his spare time, Dave has worked for Berger since 1978. He started at a $4 per hour job as a Teamster. Got his CDL (commercial drivers license) and moved into sales during his long career.

He personally helps over 200 clients per year make a move of some kind. From one piece of furniture across town to 48,000 lbs across the country he can get it done for you. In spite of missing over 3 months of work this year Dave has 159 moves this year. He had a long list of Breakfast Club members to thank for using his services themselves or referring him to others.

Berger-Allied did 15,341 moves in 2018 with their drivers logging over 17 million miles.

Some of the stranger moves he has been asked to do or was involved with are:

  • 500 Geckos in a Woodbury basement
  • One piece of furniture from Edina to Santa Fe, NM
  • Over 48,000 boards (2 truckloads for one move) across the US
  • Hoarders, of course
  • 9 moves with one customer
  • Move someone to the middle of Oregon, and back within a month or two.
  • The Treasures of Versailles from Florida to Minnesota which required an armed escort the whole way
  • Thompson-Reuters from St. Paul to Eagan

Dave gave us an update on mushroom hunting and passed around samples for inspection.

Dave also gave us an overview of the last year from his cancer diagnosis in October 2018 to today

Register for the Pot of Gold with Dave Mitchell at 316-327-7103 or davem@bergerallied.com

Looking ahead

October 2 is a United Way Update at ECC hosted by Tony Rubin

October 9 is Canterbury Downs update at ECC

October 16 is LVC Companies at ECC