Minneapolis Breakfast Club

What’s New at LVC!

Early Birds: Susanne Bonfe wanted it noted that she was the first female to breakfast today. However, we don’t keep statistics by gender in our club since we are all treated equally, so the real early birds were Mark Arnold, Robert Sandberg, and Dick Anderson.

Mark Arnold brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Guests: Cathy, Tom Donnelly’s daughter, attended today.

Honorary Members: Tom Donnelly, Mark Simon, Ron Britz, and Dick Nelson were in attendance today.


  1. Check your calendars! The 2020 Craft talk schedule is being circulated. Contact Craig to get on the schedule.
  2. Bullseye Media is having an open house on Nov 6.
  3. Dan Rooney, an improv artist, will be out crat speaker next week courtesy of Karen Holtmeier.
  4. Jim Christianson of Staples put out some catalogs of new product, a Worklife Magazine, and mentioned that Anytime Fitness gave Staples a People’s Choice Award.
  5. Ed Crandall saw former member, Everett Myers of Fruitshare, and brought his greetings
  6. Erik Schindler saw former member John Mac and he said to say hi.
  7. The Board meeting planned for today will be postponed to next month.

Business Networking: Tom Ashbaugh shared with the club how the recent negative information on vaping is affecting life insurance rates and more than doubling the rate for vapers.

Business Exchange: Susanne Bonfe started us off and was followed by Dwain Coleman, Dave Mitchell, John Winston, Tony Rubin, Jon Peterson, Tom Ashbaugh, and Jim Christianson.

Business Updates: None

Table Introductions: Table #1 was introduced by Jim Christianson with a theme of “Something we don’t know about you and your business”. Apparently we could start a Breakfast Club band as we have many in the club that can play an instrument.

Pot of Gold: Renata Faeth drew 5 cards and Karen Holtmeier won.

Craft Talk:

Renata Faeth introduced our team of craft speakers, Robbie Danko and Dave Goodwyne of LVC Companies.

LVC was acquired by John Goodwyne (Dave’s dad) in 1974. David, the father of Natalie and Johnny, joined the company in 1988. Robbie, mother to Jaden, Christian, and Levi, joined LVC in 2013.

LVC Companies focuses on 5 segments:

  1. Fire Alarm systems
  2. Fire suppression systems
  3. Security systems
  4. Voice/ Data communication infrastructure
  5. Portable Fire systems

A couple of areas that were emphasized were “Hardened” wireless security cameras. All of these cameras, whether Nest or Ring or commercial brands have a default password and if that is not changed, they can be hacked.

Another area discussed was DAS which is a distributed system to prevent “dead” spots for wireless coverage in your building.

LVC services all types of commercial and apartment/condo buildings, give them a call to find out what they can do for you.

Register for the Pot of Gold with Robbie Danko at rdanko@lvcinc.com or 952-693-6532.

Looking ahead

October 23 is Dan Rooney at ECC

October 30 There is no meeting on a 5 th Wednesday

November 6 will be Insperity at ECC