Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Humor and Productivity Go Hand in Hand!

Early Birds: Dick Anderson slept in his car last night just so he could be the early bird today. He was rewarded with a long wait by himself.

VP Chuck Shreffler brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.

Guests: Cathy Daluge (Tom Donnelly’s daughter) and Mallory West (a guest of Jerry Olson) were in attendance.

Honorary Members: Tom Donnelly, Dick Nelson, and Russ Bremner were here today.


  1. Check your calendars! The 2020 Craft talk schedule is being circulated. Contact Craig to get on the schedule.
  2. Bullseye Media is having an open house on Nov 6.
  3. We will soon be sending the directory around for updates.
  4. There is no meeting next week as it is the 5th Wednesday of the month.

Business Networking: Select Communications is looking for retail sale persons. House Lift is looking for help in Sales and Design.

Business Exchange: Jim Christianson started us off and was followed by Tom Ashbaugh, Bob Alexander, and Chuck Shreffler.

Business Updates: None

Table Introductions: Table #5 was introduced by Todd Anderson with a theme of “What are your 2 top/favorite restaurants”.

Pot of Gold: Karen Holtmeier drew 5 cards and Bill Junco was the big winner.

Craft Talk:

Karen Holtmeier introduced our guest craft speaker, Dan Rooney.

Dan Rooney has had a varied career as a clown for Ringling Bros, Stand up comedian, actor at Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop, Chanhassen Dinner Theaters and the Old Log Theater, and now as a Chef for the St. Paul Saints and Community Manager for Regis Corp.

Dan gave us an interactive presentation about improving corporate performance by using group exercises in order to get us to listen closely and be open to new ideas.

The exercises were based on improv techniques to get an idea and go off in a new direction.

Register for the Pot of Gold with Karen Holtmeier at kholtmeier@medicalweightcenter.com or 612-597-1309.

Looking ahead

October 30 There is no meeting on a 5 th Wednesday

November 6 will be Insperity at ECC.

November 13 will be Boulay at ECC.