Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Best In Class HR Services From Insperity!

Early Birds: Mark Arnold was the first to arrive and was followed by Robert Sandberg.

Guests: Cathy Daluge (Tom Donnelly’s daughter), Judy Praska of Fastest Labs was a guest of Jerry Olson, and Martin Peyer brought Eileen Mariani and Eric Oglesbee from the South Bend, Indiana Montessori school.

Honorary Members: Russ Bremner, Mark Simon, Martin Peyer, and Tom Donnelly were here today.


  1. Check your calendars! The 2020 Craft talk schedule is being circulated. Contact Craig to get on the schedule.
  2. The 2020 Directory is being circulated for updates. Make sure to get your ads to Dwain Coleman.
  3. Jim Erickson will be having Carleton College Externs at the Dec 4 meeting and hopes members will offer to let them job shadow at their business.

Business Networking: Bullseye Media has an open house tonite from 5-8 PM.

Business Exchange: Paul Ralles started us off and was followed by John Winston, Bob Alexander, Dave Mitchell, Mark Arnold, and Bill McReavy jr.

Business Updates: Chloe Czaplewski announced that Tony Rubin has nominated Playworks Minnesota for a BOLD Award in the nonprofit category. Presented by ACG Minnesota, the Annual BOLD Awards honor organizations and individuals that demonstrate innovative and imaginative efforts to positively impact the community and to grow Minnesota.

Table Introductions: Jon Peterson introduced Table #1 with a theme of “What is your favorite Gopher memory”.

Pot of Gold: Bill Junco drew 5 cards and the big winner was John Winston.

Craft Talk:

Bill Junco introduced our first-time craft speaker, Kristen Baas of Insperity.

Kristen hails from Little Falls, MN, went to school at nearby St. Cloud State and has an Executive MBA from the University of Houston.

She has been married to Jack for 16 years and they have one teenage daughter and a cock-a-poo dog. She likes wine tastings, cooking, and to travel.

Insperity was founded in 1986 and the founder still serves as CEO. They have grown from 2 people to a $3.3B sales company based in Houston with 75 offices nationwide and have over 8,000 clients.

They help companies Maximize Talent and Minimize Risk by providing Fortune 500 Human Resource Solutions to small and medium sized companies. This allows companies to focus on their operations and not on their HR needs.

The services they provide are Employee Benefits, Employee Admin, Compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws, Training and Development, Liability Management, and Recruiting and Outplacement services.

They do this by providing a one person point of contact backed up by experienced professionals in every area. A local office means someone is always nearby to help.

If you have a company with 10-200 Employees call Kristen to see if they can help you with your HR needs.

Register for the Pot of Gold with Kristen Baas at kristen.baas@insperity.com or 320-492-5747.

Looking ahead

November 13 will be Boulay at ECC.

November 20 will be Lindskoog Florists at ECC

November 27 will be Continental Diamond at ECC