Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Women: Purpose and Power!

Early Birds: Robert Sandberg and Mark Arnold were the early birds today.

Guests: John Ernst was a guest of Jim Christianson. Abigail Prosser and her husband, Dan were guests of Mark Arnold.

Honorary Members: Tom Donnelly, Russ Bremner, and Ron Britz were in attendance today

President Chuck Shreffler brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. Keith Kovacevick mentioned that Les Jones’s mother has passed at age 92 and his daughter will be giving birth later this week. A circle of life is going on.
  2. The new club directories are available. Take two with you. Thanks to Dwain for the printing.

Business Networking: None today

Business Exchange: Jon Peterson, Chloe Czaplewski, Chuck Shreffler, and Ron Britz all shared today.

Business Updates: None Today

Table Introductions: Table #3 was introduced by Dwain Coleman with a theme of “What are your Super Bowl plans?”. Dwain couldn’t pick a business theme as most of the people at his table were retired.

Pot of Gold: Mark Arnold drew 5 cards and the big winner was Paul Ralles. I guess he just likes to show up to win drawings…

Craft Talk:

Mark Arnold introduced today’s guest speaker, Abigail Prosser.

Abigail is a Houston, Tx native who now lives in Minnesota after a stay in Colorado.

Abigail started a new business in 2020 and works with women to discover their purpose in life and empower themselves to achieve their purpose.

She does this by conducting 4-hour retreats/workshops of no more than 10 women and holds follow-up sessions with participants every other week for 3 months.

More information can be found at www.womenpurposeandpower.com or with Abigail at abigail@womenpurposeandpower.com

Register for the Pot of Gold with Mark Arnold at mark@continentaldiamond.com or 651-295-7619 and thank him for arranging for our guest speaker today.

Looking ahead

February 5 is Resultants for Business at ECC

February 12 is Electronics Design at ECC

February 19 is Shreffler Law better known as Chuck Law at ECC