Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Looking for a Wood Turner/Lawyer? Check Out Chuck Law!

Early Birds: Mark Arnold, Robert Sandberg, and Bob Alexander came early to taste test the donut balls and coffee.

Guests: None today

Honorary Members: Martin Peyer, Dick Nelson, Tom Donnelly and Cathy Daluge were in attendance today.

President Chuck Shreffler brought the meeting to order with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. February 26 we will have a joint meeting with the Ham n’ Eggs group. The guest speaker will be Peter Vodenka, Author, Speaker, Immigrant American “Journey to Freedom Revisited”. Invite some friends/associates.
  2. AAA-Minneapolis has resigned as a member after about 60 years of membership. We hope Renata and Catherine stop by as guests occasionally.
  3. Today was Tom Donnelly’s 78 th birthday, also Todd Anderson was celebrating his birthday. And not in the least, today marked the one year anniversary of Dave Mitchell’s cancer operation.
  4. Rich Junghans has left Lupient and as of this week is now with Walser.
  5. Dick Anderson had knee replacement surgery this past week.
  6. There will be a board meeting today.

Business Networking: Randy Korn really needs sales/project management help.

Business Exchange: Mark Arnold, Bob Alexander, Chuck Shreffler, and Robert Sandberg all has something to share today.

Business Updates: None Today

Table Introductions: Table #4 was introduced by Jim Christianson with a theme of “What’s new in your business and Life events?”

Pot of Gold: Randy Korn drew 5 cards and Martin Peyer was the winner of the pot.

Craft Talk:

Chuck Shreffler introduced himself. He is married to Beth and has 3 adult sons. Two are in the Navy and the third is in the medical field and lives in Colorado. He has one granddaughter.

Chuck has a long history with the Breakfast Club. He first joined the club in about 2000 as a bill collector, he left the club when he became general counsel for a client’s business. He then returned to private practice and rejoined the club in about 2009.

Chuck gave us an overview on a couple of interesting cases he has been working on over the last year.

Chuck is a graduate of Notre Dame law school and has had a varied career as a Federal Law Clerk, In House Counsel, Large law firm, and private practice.

Now in private practice, he focuses on Wills/Trusts/Probate, Business structures, Litigation, and general law issues.

Please call Cuck for a consultation.

Register for the Pot of Gold with Chuck Shreffler at chuck@chucklaw.com or 612-872-8000.

Looking ahead

February 26 is Joint Meeting with the Ham N’ Eggs group at ECC.

March 4 is Lone Birch Realty at ECC

March 11 is Anderson Furniture (Guest Speaker) at ECC