Minneapolis Breakfast Club

It’s Mini-Craft Talk Day!

Early Birds: Mark Arnold, Bob Alexander, and Robert Sandberg were the early birds today.

Guests: None today

Honorary Members: Mark Simon, Ron Britz, Tom Donnelly and Cathy Daluge joined us this AM.

President Chuck Shreffler opened the meeting with a ring of the bell and a moment of silence.


  1. Jim Erickson was back from safari in Tanzania and Zanziber and wearing a very stylish hat.
  2. Tom Ashbaugh is home recovering from abdominal surgery.
  3. Dick Anderson is home and recovering from knee replacement surgery.
  4. Todd Anderson gave a PSA for visiting a dentist regularly.

Business Networking: Randy Korn of Houselift mentioned that he is part of the Remodelers Showcase with a home in SW Minneapolis. He also mentioned that Houselift is sponsor of the SW Minneapolis Home show in a few weeks. Cathy Daluge, Amway has healty gummies and CBD oils now in her product mix.

Business Exchange: Dwain Coleman started us off and was quickly followed by Randy Korn, Chuck Shreffler, Paul Ralles, Jim Erickson, and Bill McGreavy Jr. Business Updates: None Today

Table Introductions: Table #4 was introduced by Paul Ralles and Paul Ralles was the only one at the table.

Pot of Gold: Jim Christianson drew 5 crinkled cards and the fifth one belonged to Craig Blixrud

Craft Talk:

Chuck Shreffler was the emcee for several mini craft talks.

Jim Christianson, Staples, gave us an overview of the impact the corona virus is having on Staples and gave everyone a pen.

Karen Holmeier, the Princess, gave us an update on her singing career with the Aquatennial royalty. She was in full nautical uniform today.

Ron Britz told us how nice retirement is when you can spend time at Gulf Shores. He’d rather be in Palm Springs….

Craig Blixrud gave a quick 2019 summary of the Breakfast Club. We ended the year with 46 members and 7 active honorary members. We broke even for the year financially (even after the dues reduction to $85) and have $38K in reserves. We average about 30 members per meeting.

Bob Alexander had attended a Playworks fundraiser and was impressed by how successful they are. He also talked about the 5G rollout by the cell phone carriers.

Jim Erickson gave an overview of a new non-profit, Maroon and Gold, that he has been organizing. They will support the U of M by funding a PAC, Advocating for the U, and doing Outreach via social media.

Lastly, Neil Roers gave us an update on rates, his very green money is almost free at this point. Pretty soon his bank will pay us to borrow funds.

You can register with Chuck Shreffler at Chuck@chucklaw.com or 612-872-8000 by voice or text.

Looking ahead

March 18 is Palm Commercial Real Estate at ECC

March 25 is Karen Holtmeier at ECC

April 1 (no kidding) is New American Funding at ECC