Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Virtual Meeting #2 Connects the Club!

Early Birds: Obviously the host, Jerry Olson, was the first to sign in. We ended up with 23 participants today.

Guests: None today

Honorary Members: Dick Lindskoog, Tom Donnelly, Martin Peyer, Ron Britz, and new Honorary member Karen Holtmeier.

President Chuck Shreffler opened the meeting by asking if members had things to share.

Todd Anderson shared what he and his business is up to. Todd has more or less closed the limo business temporarily and laid off his drivers and he has been selling cars to reduce his monthly expenses. His escort business has had a few jobs. The 24-hour call center operation has been busy as funeral parlors have closed to the public. His funeral business of going on calls to remove bodies has been busy. His staff practices personal protection with wearing masks and gloves as they enter private residences. He has a supply of P95 Masks that he had stockpiled at the time of the SARS epidemic. On a financial side, he has been negotiating with his suppliers and customers for better terms. He has applied for the Paycheck protection program loan through US Bank.

Robert Sandberg has temporarily sold out of his neck gaiters that are an alternative to home made masks. He sold over 1100 in one day when the CDC recommended that we wear them in public. He also is applying to the PPL program.

Bob Alexander said his kids don’t allow him to come to the office. Select’s revenue has dropped 40%. Their stores are open and they have implemented safe distance practices and only allow one customer per salesperson in the store at a time. His family is practicing safe distancing and they only have driveway conversations with their kids and grandkids.

Karen Holtmeier has family in New York City and they are doing well with their stay at home. She had a virtual happy hour with the family last week.

Paul Ralles had one of his best months ever last month. Apparently, staying at home with the family drives a lot of people to drink. He has put up sneeze screens at the checkout and washes credit cards in Everclear alcohol. The staff has to spend more time stocking shelves as his vendors no longer do that.

Julius Webster said their workload is pretty good right now, but a number of projects are being pushed out and/or delayed indefinitely.

Neil Roers said they are heavily involved in finding their way through the PPL application process for their customers.

Jim Erickson asked about who in the club is an essential business and many members responded yes. Businesses that provide cleaning supplies, construction, real estate, funeral businesses, building maintenance, etc, are all considered essential.

Business Exchange is still going on between members. Chuck Shreffler, Jim Christianson, Bob Alexander, Paul Ralles, Todd Anderson, and Bill Junco all had something to share.

You can give feedback on this meeting (and topics for future meetings) to Chuck Shreffler at Chuck@chucklaw.com or 612-872-8000 by voice or text.

Looking ahead

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