Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Virtual Meeting #3 Connects the Club!

Early Birds: Obviously the host, Jerry Olson, was the first to sign in. We ended up with 27 participants today.

Guests: None today

Honorary Members: Dick Lindskoog, Tom Donnelly, Martin Peyer, Ron Britz, Karen Holtmeier, and Dick Nelson.

President Chuck Shreffler opened the meeting by asking if members had things to share.

Neil Roers updated us on how the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is going. Lots of applications are in the system and the loans are being funded. There are not yet guidelines on what is needed to get the loan forgiven in the future. He also started week on applications for loans for independent contractors as they are expected to be added to a future program. Several members weighed in on their experiences with the process and the state of their funding.

Susanne Bonfe was online and updated on us on her retirement in Tucson. She and Wally are planning a lot of golf and with social distancing have to spend their time with each other and it has been tough to meet new friends.

Bill McReavy updated us on his business. Not really an increase in the number of deaths as far as they can see, but they are more problematic with the need to wear PPE and social distancing makes funeral services tough to work through.

Ed Crandall updated us on 5 Star Painting. They are an essential business, however the phone isn’t ringing and it looks like their business if off 60% year over year.

Don Thiets updated us on his business. Their business is off as they can’t checkin with customers at their facilities and with the work at home approach the
customers don’t need copiers and copier supplies.

Robbie Danko is looking for new ways of doing business. LVC is seeing a slowdown as well.

Martin Peyer was checking in from Sioux Falls. He talked about the meat packing plant that has had 300+ COVID-19 cases (over 60% of the SD total). The plant is now closed for cleaning and training on social distancing.


  1. Kelsey Knight is pregnant and expecting in September.
  2. Jim Erickson passed on that the state government is expecting that we will slowly open up the economy in the 2 nd qtr of 2020 and social distancing will continue into the 3rd qtr. There of course has been a large drop in sales tax receipts and state income taxes.

Business Exchange

Jim Christianson and and Ron Britz had business to share.

You can give feedback on this meeting (and topics for future meetings) to Chuck Shreffler at Chuck@chucklaw.com or 612-872-8000 by voice or text.

Looking ahead

April 22 – Virtual Meeting

April 29 – Virtual Meeting

May 6 – TDB?