Minneapolis Breakfast Club

Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean Not Staying Connected!

Early Birds: We ended up with 18 participants today. Apparently, a lot of members thought they would sleep in today.

Guests: None today

Honorary Members: Martin Peyer, Karen Holtmeier, and Mark Simon in virtual attendance again this week.

President Chuck Shreffler opened the meeting by asking for a moment of silence.


  1. There will be no dues billed for the month of May.
  2. Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge has a virtual gala this Friday starting at 7 PM via Zoom per Chuck Shreffler.

Business Updates/Commentary

Karen Holtmeier indicated that Optifast sales are up as people are realizing that eating their way thru the pandemic is not a good idea.

Todd Anderson is keeping busy doing removals from nursing homes, hospitals, and homes. He has had only a handful of limo rides this month.

Bob Alexander asked the club about policies for retail employees to wear masks. A majority of the club seemed to think it is a good policy to implement.

Neil Roers said that they have finished 800+ applications for the 2nd round of PPP. These are generally of a lesser $ value than the 900+ plus applications they processed on the 1st round.

Tony Rubin was asked if we should buy or sell and he replied, “It depends”. Seriously Tony mentioned that the market seems to be focused on government stimulus news and economic indicators as opposed to COVID-19 news about cases and deaths.

Martin Peyer gave is the South Dakota update and found it interesting in that shopping at Costco most everyone wore a mask and at HyVee not many were wearing masks.

Jim Christianson brought up that Staples sales online are holding up as are sales of their PPE and cleaning supplies. Business office supplies sales are off by 50%.

Robbie Danko was back at the office as the restrictions were removed and had also been a Rochester at their office down there. Her biggest concern was having her young son, Levi, back in daycare.

Business Exchange

Jon Peterson was the recipient of today’s exchange as Jim Erickson and Chuck Shreffler thanked him for his efforts.

You can give feedback on this meeting (and topics for future meetings) to Chuck Shreffler at Chuck@chucklaw.com or 612-872-8000 by voice or text.

Looking ahead

May 6 – TDB, but probably a virtual meeting

May 13- Staples with a virtual trade show